2000 Nissan Micra SE+ 1.3 16v from UK and Ireland


A cracking little car!


Engine mounting had to be changed in the summer of 2003 (Happens to all Micras due to the rubber perishing)

New HT leads due to me washing the engine and getting them wet (DOH!!!)

General Comments:

My mother bought this car in 2002 as a run-around for herself, after two years, I turned seventeen, and was given the car as a Birthday present.

I like the car on many levels, the first few being It's paint job (Flip paint), It's Cute looks, It's specification (Air-con, Alloys, Sunroof, CD Player, Velour trim, electric everything)

It is a very comfortable car for it's size and can easily accommodate 3 Big adults and a baby seat, I also like the driving position which is comparable to a car twice as big.

The pedals are nicely spaced apart- Somewhat lacking in modern super-minis (Try driving a saxo/punto)

The clutch is also lovely and light providing just the right amount of feel for that all important "Bite-Point"

The handling doesn't inspire confidence at first due to its high up design, But once you get to know her, you would be surprised how quick you can throw her about.

The engine is Nissans famous 1.3 16V engine, developing 75BHP, It gives it a nice bite, and surprises the "Boy racers" in their 55bhp Corsas!

All in all I adore this little car, Its cheap to run, puts a smile on my face every time I drive her.

If you can look past the "Granny" image and the Quirky styling, you will have a great little car on your hands!

Nik Canning (17)

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Review Date: 8th August, 2004

20th Sep 2005, 06:03

I would like to say that I passed my test in August 2005 and have been looking for a decent car to buy. I was thinking about buying a Fiat Punto 1.1, but after reading about them the cylinder head gasket goes. Therefore I think a nissan micra is the choice for me. I have test drove a nissan micra 1.4sport and it was very nippy and full of life. Thanks for a great review you changed my decision of a decent first time, fun car.

2000 Nissan Micra Celebration 16v 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Small, cheap, reliable and fun!


The window-winder mechanism collapsed, allowing the driver's side window to drop down into the door and partially shatter. The dealer repaired the problem perfectly free of charge, and were very nice about it.

General Comments:

This is a brilliant little car - I can't really fault it.

It lacks acceleration at higher speeds, but then it is carrying a 6'5" fat man in the driver seat and a pretty weighty stereo system :-)

It handles brilliantly, the body does roll through corners, but it is totally predictable and smooth, and easy to correct any under/over-steer.

All in all it's been reliable and cheap to run, and I'd definitely recommend it.

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Review Date: 28th July, 2003

27th Sep 2003, 00:08

I've noticed several comments in the various reviews of some quality issues with the cars.

Perhaps the export cars to Australia were better prepared or I was just lucky, however apart from the issue of the dust entering the cabin, mechanically the car has been fault free.

Bought new in 1996 a K11. 1.3litre. Now with 220,000 km's.


19th Jul 2006, 14:51

I too own a Micra, and I have had the same problem with the windows. On the drivers side, when I first purchased the car, and just recently on the passenger's side (which I have had fixed, but has slid down again). I rang to complain about this problem to Nissan HQ, and was confronted by a very rude customer service chap. All and all, a great car, but I haven't been able to drive it on three occasions due to the windows, for safety.

11th Aug 2007, 15:02

I have just bought a second hand Celebration.

Wound down the window, and the winder came off in my hand!

No window sliding yet though.

These are fabulous cars, I had the basic 1993 L model prior to this one, which had no toys at all!

For 1250 quid, with this, I have a nice radio cassette, alloys, sunroof, and power steering, not to mention (all be it imitation) wood trim on the dash and gearshift. Pretty excellent for a cheap small car.

This is now my second Micra, and I will most definitely stay with this make of car! Reliable, cheap to run, and pure fun to drive.