2000 Nissan Micra Sport+ 1.4i 16v from UK and Ireland


An underrated economical pocket rocket



General Comments:

Got this car for a bargain £7,500, for the latest Sport+ Model.

The engine is absolutely superb, the car feels keen and responsive at almost any engine speed above 2,000 rpm.

The car handles a lot better than the older model Micra's thanks to a revised suspension setup that includes stiffer springs.

The interior is a massive improvement over the old car, with a red rimmed leather steering wheel, and splashes of red and silver on the dash.

The car is great fun to drive and luckily very cheap to buy and run. Mine is only 6 months old and just over 3k miles on it, and I saved £2,500 (the car has metallic paint).

It will hit 0-60 in around 10.5 seconds despite the manufacturers claim, and still returns 47 mpg and is in insurance group 4, cheaper to insure than some 1.1's!

The only thing that was wrong with it was a squeak that I now seem to have driven out. The garage could have been more helpful though.

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Review Date: 12th April, 2001

4th Jul 2001, 15:49

The same person who wrote the original review - what I was saying about the dealers could have been more helpful. I'll change that to they have been absolutely appalling. It took 4 months to get a replacement alloy wheel badge, they said the car was serviced and it wasn't, so I complained and got a free one. This has all stretched out over months.

The car itself has been fine, luckily, cos I don't know when it would of got sorted if it wasn't!

24th Nov 2004, 11:10

I don't like the Nissan Micro. It's just the shape of them. Sorry for all lovers of them. They're a good cruising car to have though.

2nd Feb 2006, 07:45

How can the reviewer above not like the Micra (Not micro). This is car is really reliable, quick and cheap to run. It may be small, but this doesn't make it ugly. It has a quite a nice design overall and is definitely underrated, so I definitely disagree with the above review.