2000 Nissan Micra mystiqe 1.3 16v from UK and Ireland


A reliable fast (ish) car I am really pleased



General Comments:

I took delivery of the car in july 2002, since then it has been faultless.

The colour is the best thing about it, it goes from purple to gold to pink and bronze!!!

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Review Date: 10th December, 2002

2000 Nissan Micra Celibration 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Thanks for nothing C Nissan see you in Hell!!


Movement in the steering Column.

Loose and vibrating road sensation when driving.

Engine rattle.

Gearbox noise.

Worn suspension springs.

Faulty exhaust.

Poor acceleration.

Mis-aligned Drivers door, bonnet, tailgate.

General Comments:

This particular car must of been sent from Nissan hell to test me, it looks great, but hides a list of demonic mechanical malfunctions.

C Nissan Lancashire have to yet admit they have sold me a pup, this I feel won't happen due to them encouraging me well past the 30 day exchange, with assurances that they will fix it like new and don't worry you can still exchange now that the faults have been logged within 30 days! That's when I actually get to talk to the relevant after sales staff at C Nissan Lancashire.

Recent news I cannot Exchange, I've had the vehicle to long what a surprise, but they're fix it for the fourth time.

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Review Date: 18th September, 2002

18th Sep 2002, 14:51

Sounds like a lemon alright, suprised because these are usually good little cars if a little dated.

28th Sep 2002, 13:56

Very surprised at the problems you are having with this car. We have two Micra's, a 1997 and a 2002 and have had none of these problems.

2000 Nissan Micra Sport+ 1,348cc 16-valve from UK and Ireland


UPDATED REVIEW: A good car which is a hoot to drive


Squealing sound whilst driving, unresolved even after I took it to Nissan where it promptly stopped doing it for the duration of them investigating it.

Seats mark easily, as does the interior trim.

Passenger mirror fell out, Nissan would not honour warranty as it simply "does not happen".

Factory fitted CD-player keeps failing needing to reset the whole unit.

General Comments:

This is an updated review for my original review "An underrated pocket rocket". That review was written when I was still a little over excited when I first got the car.

Firstly the car was cheap, I picked it up for £2,500 less than its price brand new. At £7,500, the car was good value, but at its full price of £10,000, I would say the car was overpriced.

The interior of the car is good, maybe a bit too bright for some peoples tastes, but I like it. It has a red leather covered steering wheel, that looks good, albeit maybe a little too big for my liking, and silver center console, with the rest of the dash being red and a sort of dark blue/grey colour. It is attractive, well built, and doesn't rattle. However, the interior trim seems to damage easily, with marks appearing on the door sills due to rain, and the dash is easy to scuff. The seats are comfortable, but mark very easily, and when marked they do not look very good, they also aren't very supportive, which is slightly dissapointing in a car with a "Sport" badge. The car is at least as roomy as a Fiesta, despite its small dimensions.

Exterior wise, the car is probably the best looking Micra to date, with 14" 5-spoke alloy wheels, foglights, and full colour coding. However, it could do with being a bit lower, as standard the car looks as if it sits too high. A set of mudflaps would also help improve the looks of the car somewhat.

Performance wise, the car is good for its engine size. Although marketed as a 1.4-litre car, it is really a 1.3 litre. It produces 82bhp which is average, but the car is one of the lightest in its class, and so feels more than this. From 0-60, the car is very quick, it can actually reach 60 in 9.9 seconds. From 30-70, the car takes 9.7 seconds through the gears. In some respects though, the car does not feel that quick, but proof of its performance comes with humbling more exotic machinery at the lights.

On the road, under normal driving conditions, the car doesn't feel all that quick though, you will need to work the engine very hard to get serious pace, thanks to tall, widely spaced ratios, probably there for economy purposes. If you don't use the gears, this car won't feel any quicker than your average 1.2. The engine comes alive after 4,500rpm though, with a noticable kick up the jacksie. In first and second gears the car is quick, in third, it starts to lose the plot a bit, 4th is acceptable, and 5th makes for relaxed motorway cruising, registering 3,000rpm at 70mph.

However, if you are not frightened of giving the car some serious revs, then it will travel at a surprising rate: this car has out-accelerated 1.4 Corsa's and the like. However this is not a car to just leave it in gear and just expect it to pull, because thanks to its pint sized torque, it will not pull hard at low revs, even though its torque peaks at 2,800rpm, you will still need to rev to at least 4,000rpm in each gear to have a spirited pace. This means travelling up to 40mph in 2nd.

Ride and handling are far, far improved from previous incarnations of the Micra. Yes sure, there is understeer, although its not terminal as it is in earlier Micra's. Its quite capable of blatting down country lanes at speeds well in excess of 90mph. It feels nervous though, but all it needs is a bit of trust, this is a capable car. The steering offers excellent feedback, and lets you know exactly whats going on. You can provoke lift off oversteer if you want it, but you will have to be driving extremely aggressively to makes this happen.

Ride quality is pretty smooth actually for the size of the car, smoothing out bumps nicely, and unlike older Micra's, motorway stability is no longer a problem, the car feeling planted in all, but the most windy conditions.

Day to day this is an easy car to live with, offering good fuel economy if you can manage to drive it slowly (which I can't). It can offer 45mpg if driven gently, but have a heavy right foot, and watch this drop into the 20s!

Overall, despite its faults, and Nissan's incompetence, this car is a hoot to drive, just remember, as with all Jap sports cars, it needs revs, and lots of them.

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Review Date: 29th May, 2002

30th May 2002, 03:39


This means travelling up to 40mph in 2nd.

That's nothing, you can do 90kmph in second easy, just keep going till you hit the rev limiter, then next time shift just before that.

22nd Aug 2003, 09:48

Remind me not to buy a used car from you!

13th May 2004, 13:35

The high revs thing must be a characteristic of all the Micras. Mine is the little 1.0 model and is so much fun to rip around in using second and third. Well, it is until you get a passenger and then it's like trying to drive a bus.