11th Feb 2001, 18:26

I think I must have bought yours. I hate it but I can't afford another car at the moment so I am stuck with it until it dies apparently. As long as I am going on the flat or downhill it's OK, but the slightest incline and the revs just drop and it crawls. Ugh. Horrible. I don't really have anything good that I can say about it. Sorry Nissan.

12th Feb 2001, 18:07

If you read all the other comments on this page, you'll see most people have put good comments, not bad of Nissan, and if you think Nissan's bad - you'd kill yourself if you bought a Vauxhall, Rover, or Ford! I should know, I've done it, but now I'm past the novelty of going in an AA truck time and time again, I'll stick to my dependable and reliable Nissan.

14th Feb 2001, 10:17

I've had all of those 3, and the best was the Ford, closely followed by the Vauxhall. Rover wasn't bad, but the Nissan was definitely the worst of the lot. You can't change my mind.

18th Feb 2001, 12:26

Sorry, but you won't change mine either! From my own experiences, I strongly believe Nissan are the most reliable car. We've had Nissans in the family since the 70's when they were Datsuns and still have a 21 year old Datsun now, which has never broken down and still purrs along like the day it came off the production line.

19th Feb 2001, 02:13

Shall we agree to differ then?

19th Feb 2001, 15:37

I'm afraid so! Perhaps I'll pass you on the hard shoulder sometime! And just in case you think it may be the other way round, if our Datsun did break down (which it never has in the past 20 years), but if it did, well, its owner is a mechanic so it'd be going again in no time.

No hard feelings anyway.

PS ('88 Micra's just passed its MOT today! - no problems!)

16th Mar 2001, 15:32

Have you ever tried to drive a micra up a hill? That's why it gets a 2. Quicker walking or pulling the bloody thing! Completely gutless.

21st Mar 2001, 13:45

Our Micra goes up hills, no trouble. Some drivers don't learn their lesson until they break down in the middle of nowhere and have to walk miles to civilisation:) Buy Japanese!

4th Jun 2001, 17:15

I drive my mum's automatic Accent :( But having had lessons in a shagged 1.1 Fiesta, I can tell you even a shed like that will go quickly up a hill if you use a thing called a gearbox.

27th Nov 2001, 12:58

I've been learning to drive in both my parents '89 Micra and a brand new Corsa. The Corsa is a pale shadow of the Micra, the Corsa even has metal pedals which means in the wet, your foot slips off the pedal, Nissan's pedals are rubber. Sheer common sense Nissan! Vauxhall - well, you're a disgrace!

28th Nov 2001, 02:44

Seems Rover are coming in for a bashing on some posts here, I have owned a Nissan Bluebird and various Rover 820's and 827's, the Bluebird lost second and third gear pretty much, blew a head gasket and cracked the head, after this, I just gave up with it as most weekends were spent under the bonnet.

I then bought a Rover 820Si and haven't looked back since, apart from regular servicing. I have had no problems from my Sterling (2.7 Honda lump) or 820 Turbo (Rover 2.0 Lump). Fuel economy is also better in the 2.0 Rover and my 2.7 manual than it was in the old bluey!!

Saying this, I did quite like the Bluebird, it was a 1986 T12 model, but I wish I had gone for the 1.8 or 1.8 Turbo ZX.