1st Feb 2003, 15:26

You should have bought a second hand VW Lupo instead.

30th Apr 2003, 07:47

I've had my Nissan Micra from new and have NEVER had any problems with it. I think it's a great little car and fantastic on fuel consumption. I don't know what everyone is complaining about. Saying that I do look after the car and get it serviced at least every 12 months.

3rd Jun 2003, 09:04

My mate owns a purple Micra. Yes, you read that right, "purple!" It is easily the ugliset car I have ever seen with the exception of the Suzuki Alto! Another beast!!

27th Sep 2003, 00:24

I have had a brilliant run from my (Australian) 1996 (purchased new) 1.3 litre K11/manual.

There have been nil mechanical problems in the 220,000km's I have done in the car. Engine still uses no oil between services and gearbox is still quiet.

There are a few squeaks and rattles starting now, but I enjoy my car so much I intend to get a 2nd for spares.

Fuel economy varies between 42-48mpg. I have managed 600km's from a single tank of fuel.


23rd May 2004, 16:17

I bought an M-reg 1.3LX, the only complaints I have is with the dealership, the car has been perfect. Solid, sound, and rock solid reliability. 55 MPG has been improved on by adding an Ecotek valve, as has performance.

I was also involved in a high-speed crash, resulting in the car spinning and crashing off road. I was very lucky, and the parts and repair were very cheap. The body shop did a superb job on it. Regular oil changes and services have kept this car going, and I haven’t got the budget to take it into a Nissan dealership despite buying it from one.

Any problems in drivability or performance, is likely down to poor maintenance, the wrong type of HT leads, cheap spark plugs, or at worst the throttle body.

My fiancé, has just bought her first Micra, K-reg 1.0 L. Superb little car, solid underneath, 45-50 MPG, and has just developed its first fault. Which, is the throttle body, parts do eventually wear, and within a day or two I’ll have her back on the road. Bad Micra’s are rare, despite hearing about them. If you’re worried or in need of advice, try this superb site I came across, www.micra.org.uk.

28th Sep 2005, 12:48

My '95 1.0 has consistently given around 50mpg, even with far-from-ideal circumstances. Just keep tyre pressures at 36F/33R, and change oil every 3K miles, air filter (genuine Nissan) at 15K. No problems at all!

17th Mar 2006, 08:43

I've had a 99 R reg 1.0 equation for 4 years got it with 32,000 on it and its at 55,800 now and I love it, its easy to park fun to drive and I like the looks of it. Only things needed changing on it has been the brake pads and tyres. the only thing I hate about it is the woeful mpg it struggles to get over 200-250 miles on a full tank and this is mixed miles not just town stuff the car is service every year and I only do about 5000 miles. Oh and it doesn't seem to like it when you put the petrol in as the fuel pumps click off ervery few seconds so it take ages to fill it. Thinking of getting a new shape one, but I'm not sure.

21st Nov 2006, 22:58

I bought my wife a 1998 ex-Japanese K11 March, 1.0 auto. It is a nice little car, and, with only 18,000 kms on the clock as I type, it is in as-new condition. However I'm not so sure about the handling having now driven it on some twisty roads, and the fuel consumption is awful for a car of this size. I've had it checked out and nothing wrong can be found, but for whatever reason the car barely cracks 30mpg. Granted it does almost exclusively city driving, and is an auto, but shouldn't it still be better?

8th Feb 2007, 16:07

I purchased a 1995 micra on Jan 2000. Its now Feb 2007 and the wee things still going.

It gets its yearly service. When I bought it there was 35000 on the clock now I have nearly 103000.

Recently it let me down for the first time - the fuel pump needed replacing and for a car of this age I went to the scrapyard - I had to take 20 micra's apart to find the correct fuel pump. (Mine is 1300cc).

I get just over 300 miles to the tank which is not great. I can park this supermini anywhere.

However I do not like the shape of the new micra - so as I am considering changing - I may just have to go with another older shaped model.

Great Car if well looked after.

11th May 2007, 11:10

I have a 2002 Micra Tempest, only done 26000 miles.

Very reliable car needs to be serviced regularly though as with ANY CAR (mine's well overdue, although have changed fuel and air filters - improved fuel economy somewhat).

Seems to run on choke for a while, probably due to lack of service? Fule consumption ~34mpg on a regular journey of 10 miles - it's better on longer journeys though.

Cheap to run, insure and tax and parts are reasonable too, but dealer servicing prices steep at £350.

1st Dec 2007, 12:57

My little Micra is a '98 K11. I didn't want a car at all, but my missus won't let me get another bike until I've paid for the last two I've written off. This little beast was a hand-me-down from a relative. It had served me well these last two years. I had an occasional problem with it not starting some mornings. I took it to a garage, they started it twice, said there was nothing wrong with it and charged me £20.

I joined the RAC, they showed me a top tip (if it doesn't start and you think you've flooded the carb, take the fuse cover off -to the right of the steering wheel- and take out the blue 15amp fuse, 2nd row in -from the left- third up. That's the fuse for the fuel pump apparently. Then just turn it over until it runs, then quickly replace the fuse.) but they couldn't tell me what was wrong with it. Went on the Micra owners site, and a FAQ answer was to spray WD40 on the HT leads and dizzy cap if it wasn't starting on wet mornings. If it then started replace rotor arm, dizzy cap and HT leads. This I did, and no problem since.

However, and a big however it is, what is wrong with the grip in the wet? A hint of wet and the damn thing slides out on islands, and twice now I've lost it all together. Can't steer because I'm sliding, can't slow down because I'm still sliding under brakes. The first time I forgave, as it was at an island notorious for oil spills, (where my last motorbike met it's untimely end in point of fact) but the last instance was just a damp island, no traction, and an expensive bit of lamp-post parking.

Any ideas? That could have been a granny.