2003 Nissan Murano SL AWD from North America


This car is a mistake


When I last posted I was complaining about the alternator, well here goes a long list of things since: battery defect, rack & piƱon, oil leak from differential, oil leak from other area (forgot exactly) and noisy wipers. I love my car, but am so fed up. I have 3000 miles left on warranty and am worried.

General Comments:

Bad buy!! Stay away from this car you'll regret it as I have.

Good luck!

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Review Date: 26th February, 2005

17th May 2005, 14:50

OK. If you didn't know.. almost all 'foreign' cars are actually built in America. Almost all 'American' cars are made overseas. So, buying 'American' helps out rich people who design ugly undependable cars, while buying well-built Japanese cars helps out rural populations in TN, SC, TX and other states.

1st Oct 2006, 18:32

Ha ha ha, I love that last comment, it is SO true, tell it like it is!

25th May 2007, 20:47

"Almost all 'American' cars are made overseas."

Most American cars are made in America. Look it up. The ones that aren't are made in Canada and Mexico. Last I checked those countries are not separated from the US by a body of water.

25th Jul 2008, 23:23

The Murano for your information is built 100% in Japan. You can tell 2 ways. The VIN number will begin with JP and also now all the cars in the dealer ship actually state what percentage comes from America/Canada versus foreign country. My Murano 2004 just had the transmission go at 85k miles.

10th Oct 2018, 04:10

Renault = Nissan = junk!

10th Oct 2018, 08:33

Dunno about Renault - if you're in North America, you have no idea how they fare overseas. Nissan - well, they're certainly no Toyota, and definitely not those sold in America.

2003 Nissan Murano LS from North America


High performance with style


My alternator also went out at 7,000 miles. This was a major inconvenience as our local dealership went out of business and I had to spend 2 hours driving time to get it fixed. On the positive side, it was covered under warranty.

I also have a major problem with the head throbbing when the rear windows are open and you are traveling over 40 mph., or if I only have the sunroof open.

I also wish this vehicle had daytime running lights.

General Comments:

Overall this vehicle is a perfect fit for me which is very hard to find. Seats are at just the right height.

Interior very roomy.

Body style is great.

I love the Continuously Variable Transmission, no jamming the pedal to the floor.

Horsepower to spare.

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Review Date: 27th July, 2004

2003 Nissan Murano SE V6 from North America


An unreliable car and dealer


The car broke down four times which required tow trucks in less than one year.

The car went into the shop more than ten times.

And when we tried to get someone to help us, the dealer and the manufacturers are throwing the balls around.

The car had many defaults.

The windows would not roll down.

The gas tap could not tab correctly into the whole.

The electronic display shows incorrect information.

General Comments:

I would not recommend anyone in buying a Nissan car.

Because of the lemon law, they would patronize in fixing the car for four times and then will serious look at in at the fifth.

And that cost us 4 towing experience.

The dealers and manufacturer are all unwilling to work for their customers.

After they sell the car, they do not care about their customers or product.

Very, very poor customer service.

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Review Date: 25th May, 2004

15th Jun 2004, 23:42

I am having a problem with the alternator. Died on me. Got it in Feb 22, 2003, and it died today, June 15, 2004. What a joke. Lots of little things are breaking off and also annoying noises from the door, window and paneling are starting to appear. I'm going back to the Honda/Acura or Toyota brands. Nissan quality is no good.