1992 Nissan Pathfinder SE 3.0 V6 from North America


Solid but underpowered SUV


Headlight switch failed.

Brake rotors needed to be replaced.

General Comments:

Comfortable and practical.

Spacious inside.

Slow, handles poorly, not much good for towing, weak brakes, uses lots of gas.

Reliable enough.

Popular to resell.

Easy to have stolen.

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Review Date: 12th October, 2001

1992 Nissan Pathfinder XE from North America


A reliable, comfortable and affordable SUV!


The only problems I have had are with the exhaust system - especially manifold leaks. Otherwise it's been very reliable.

General Comments:

I think this SUV has a comfortable car like ride.

It's very reliable and low maintenance.

My biggest complaint is poor gas mileage - around 18 MPG.

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Review Date: 12th July, 2001

4th Sep 2001, 11:33

We have a 93 Pathfinder and have the same problems with the manifold leaks. Can you tell us who you talked with about this problem? Our manifold bolts broke just out of the blue. Can you tell us exactly what your problem was?



29th May 2002, 23:59

I'm 2 for 2 on exhaust manifold leaks and I'm ticked off about it. First the right, now the left.

My understanding is that the exhaust manifold bolts that were originally installed were not very stout. New bolts are available now and allegedly keep the manifolds where they need to be.

I'll be taking in the PF for the left side soon. The right side was so far gone that the manifold itself had cracked and needed to be replaced. This danced to the tune of $600 or so samoleans at the end of the day...

However, I've also read online that Nissan recognizes that this has been a design problem and can make overtures to help reduce cost. I'm going to first pursue the dealership option and say that if they want to sell a 350Z next year that they should make good on this...

1992 Nissan Pathfinder SE 3.0 from North America


Piece of total crap and an exercise in frustration to own


Starting with the brakes that were replaced at 10,000 mile intervals...

Then the transmisson at 70 k that started overheating a lot!!! But for no apparent reason....

Manifold gasket replaced at 70k, and are leaking again!

Adjustable suspension?? What a joke... rides like a freaking lawnmower.

Dash lights, gauges went totally dead...

A/C control lights... dead... but for no apparent reason...

Frame where the receiver hitch mounts... bent due to lack of supports, don't believe that it is rated for 3500lbs to tow... a 900lb. personal watercraft bent the receiver under about 5 inches when I came to a quick, but controlled stop.

The idler arm/center link... 2 replacements on that one... too bad I can't say that I broke it off road, but I can't afford to put this piece of crap in 4 wheel drive because something always breaks.

General Comments:

I am a college student who bought this when I graduated from high school. I can't afford to ditch this truck until I graduate in May of 2001. A new vehicle is first on my list of new purchases. I have prayed for the last 4 years that someone would hit me. This Pathfinder looks great, but I would never buy another Nissan product again. This is just a 4 wheel drive Maxima and is a total joke. Don't buy a Pathfinder, save up for a 4Runner or buy a full size SUV.

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Review Date: 2nd January, 2001

23rd Jan 2001, 23:47

I don't understand why some people always against Nissan and their trucks? Nissan make a good affordable truck, I've purchased a '93 Pathfinder straight from the dealer.

Owning a Toyota 4Runner and a Ford Bronco I figured the Pathfinder would be a pushover. On the highway this truck works like an animal, doing my offroading on the side, I decided to take the Pathfinder out one day with a few friends who drive Jeep Cherokee's and Explorers.

Surprised them by not taking the Bronco (very good off road). I held up very well against the rest of them with their modified trucks. Being a 6 cylinder and not drinking as much gas as the rest, it performs just as good. Though it lacked the big 8 cylinder's pull, it held its own very well and also had more maneuverability around objects, and was very agile in the worst driving obstacles.

With a little modification nothing would be able to stop this truck. For those people who often break parts, or for whom nothing goes right and can't afford to even put the truck in 4wd, they need to start walking or just give up with trucks.