19th Feb 2001, 13:56

I have a 93 XE with 127,000 miles on it. Probably the best vehicle I have ever owned. I live high in the Colorado Rockies and need to use 4 wheel drive to get to work 6 months out of the year.

Sure, it could use some more power, but I knew what I was getting when I bought it. Even though it is low on power, I have towed a dual axle trailer with a 2,500 lb tractor on it, about 4,000 lbs total. It was a little scary but it did it.

So far only one thing has gone wrong with this car, the dome light does not come on when you open the door.

Thinking about buying a new one with the 250 horses.

12th Apr 2001, 20:46

I own a 92 Nissan Pathfinder. I had to replace the engine at 207,000 miles and the transmission at 215,000 miles. I tow a trailer and have been VERY pleased with this vehicle. Would I buy another Pathfinder? You bet your ass!

15th Sep 2001, 14:33

I have a 92 SE. Good truck, but I had to replace the transmission at about 130k. About two months after the dealer replaced the transmission, the "flex plate" broke (the part that connects the transmission to the drive train). It was not covered under the warranty and I had to pay an additional $1000 in parts and LABOR to have it fixed.) Also, not a lot of guts going uphill. Good off-road vehicle.

28th Oct 2002, 00:02

Hi there,

I am driving 92 SE Pathfinder. This is the best SUV I have had. One small hint for people who like to get more power on this truck:

I am using Bosch Platinum 4+ spark plugs and K&N air filter to gain additional 20-30 hp.

Regarding fuel economy I have installed TURBOLATOR custom exhaust component"Straight Tip Rolled Edge".Now I have better fuel economy (up to 8.3%),reduced emissions, and improved low end performance.

At the end my advise for all of you Pat`s owners,buy tires 31x10.5R15 and lower your rpm`s and prolong life of your engine.

Thank you all for reading this comment.

Best Regards


7th May 2003, 10:40

I bought a Nissan Frontier in 1999. It had 9 miles in it at the time. I travel to Dallas, Austin, and Houston a lot from Oklahoma City. In the four years I have owned the truck I have put 138,000 miles on it and it has never had any required maintenance. I change the oil and filters. I changed the tires and that is it. It is the best vehicle I have ever owned.

25th Sep 2006, 08:49

That last girl who made a comment...umm.. yea... I think she is blonde...

7th Jul 2009, 08:15

Hey everyone.

If you're looking for a cheap, reliable, all-use vehicle, I don't think you could do better than a 92 SE. I bought mine with 130,000 miles on it over four years ago, just to get me by until I could pick up something newer. Problem is, I can't part with it now. Even with the high mileage, and my driving it like I stole it and adding another 30,000 miles to it over the past four years, I have had to do almost nothing to maintain it. I bought tires and had a brake job done to it, and perform regular oil changes; as would be normal maintenance for any vehicle.

I think they are still a great looking truck (mine is burgundy with black "Nerf" style round running boards), I can't believe the size of some of the stuff I have crammed into the back of it, and the gas mileage and power from the 3.0 V6 is admirable.

I live in northern Canada where we get a helluva lot of snow sometimes and have never been stuck under any circumstances. Also, the temperature routine drops below

-50 and I always know it's gonna fire right up (provided you plug in the block heater).

Great starter vehicle, or an "ol' reliable" with many factory options (sunroof, leather, A/C, 4x4, etc) for those on a tight budget.

8th Jul 2009, 08:54

I purchased a new Pathfinder SE back in 1987.

I owned it for 13 years and other than routine oil changes, the truck performed flawlessly.

11th Jan 2010, 07:02

Yes, Pathfinder's are good to some degree, but really I've had nothing but problems. I own a 92 Ti 3.0 vg30 after buying it for an amount I thought was a good buy. I soon learnt the hard way, only had done 230,000kms and not a hint of 4x4 use, dumped it on 22 inch rims for daily use and had 31 Micky Thompson Baja mud tyres for the bush, lifted to its max and a few other mods.

Well I didn't get to really enjoy it because it always has dramas. A month into owning it, a blown motor oil pump went, so rebuilt that and a little work; 4,500 aus dollars.

Replace starter motor, water pump, you name it, I've done it because I honestly thought it was a good 4x4.

All up I've spent well more than the 4x4 value, and really couldn't be more frustrated.

If anyone wants to buy a 4x4, buy a GQ Nissan Patrol that are made to do want they say.

At the end of the day, they all have good and bad points, but I've had a gut full.