2000 Nissan Pathfinder LE 4WD 3.5L from North America


Not reliable


Brakes at 50000Km

Something at the gearbox - 400$ repair

Coolant leaking - 20$ part and over 800$ the work to replace (two days of work, had to remove the transmission)

Ignition coils (all 6) - 800$ (plus tax)

Funny squeaking noises when started in the winter cold. Dealer says it's because the belts are cold. I'm talking really embarrassing noises.

General Comments:

The car drives very well, when it drives. Unfortunately for me, it's not reliable.

Oh, and it drinks lots of gas.

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Review Date: 17th February, 2004

17th Jul 2007, 23:44

I don't know what you're talking about, our 2000 pathfinder has had no problems whatsoever in the 2 years and the 65,000 km's we've put on it. Its almost at 200 000 km now and all parts are original.

27th Jan 2011, 15:13

I've got over 325 000 kms on my truck, and it's still going strong. Highly recommend this vehicle to anyone looking for a reliable SUV. Yeah, it's a gas pig, but it's an SUV; if you want high mileage, then buy an economy car.

2000 Nissan Pathfinder SE 240-hp V6 from North America


Excellent Refined SUV


There were no problems with this vehicle. It was rock solid!

General Comments:

This was a nice, nice vehicle. The comfort and features are as nice as any top SUV. The new V6 is flawless, good, but not great 4-wheel drive, got stuck a few times when I didn't have a chance to shift to 4-L. The vehicle drove great on the highway, like a luxury sedan and had plenty of passing power. If there was a flaw, it would be the poor gas mileage, needed premium gas or else you only get 15mpg, and only 18 with the premium stuff. Sound system is the best in the industry. I had to sell it recently, as it was bought in the SUV heyday with high sticker prices and no incentives meaning a very high monthly payment. These 2001 models should be a good deal at $22,000-$25,000.

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Review Date: 2nd April, 2003