24th Oct 2008, 11:27

21000 miles, first service has reinvigorated the pathfinder. Engine is smoother, more powerful and economical. Now back to 26 mpg in town and 35mpg on a run.

Everything still works brilliantly, the interior has taken a battering but it still wipes out like new. Seats wearing excellently well.

Absolutely fine family go-anywhere cruiser.

8th Aug 2009, 04:31

I bought my Pathinder when it was 18 months old and have had it a year. I have to say what a really good car this. Before the Pathfinder I had an older X5, and the difference in build quality is stark; the X5 had so many rumbles and squeaks, yet the Nissan is solid as a rock!

I would echo the other posts about recommending the Manual, and the Aventura version seems to hold its money a lot better than the less well equipped versions. The sat nav and stereo are both excellent, in a year I've put 35,000 miles and have not had any problems except replacing tyres and wipers!! The X5 in the same period had to go in three times.

The interior has taken a battering from three kids, and I've taken it to Europe a couple of times but the leather etc.. all still look new.

All in all, I can't find anything bad to say!

6th Sep 2009, 04:04

Original poster here.

Well I have not posted in almost a year, but not because of any real problems with the Pathie!

The Pathie started stalling and hesitating a few weeks ago, which was diagnosed as a clogged fuel filter and fixed under warranty.

Its still comfortable and civilized, and still gets used as a Limo and a horse box with everything in between.

Pretty much the only thing I can complain about are running costs. Fuel is averaging 27 mpg, which is great for a car of this size and weight, but during the downturn I am noticing this. Worst of all is the huge tax liability I have on this as a company car. Salary has been reduced at my work and it is stinging me now.

That's not the Pathie's fault however. It has held up very well to two years of abuse, the interior is barely scuffed, and the few parking scrapes will be easily fixed in a trip to the polisher.

I am considering buying this car at the end of its lease and running it as my own car.

Highly recommended for all but company car users.

20th Nov 2009, 09:54

I am on to my 2nd Pathfinder and can't fault them. The first one a 2005 model, had a few problems, tailgate rusted and Nissan wouldn't do anything about it, then the injectors went after 5000 miles. Nissan weren't much help, although the injectors were replaced under warranty.

I ended up swapping it for a new Saab, which I loved, but was just to small. The Saab dealer knew I was after another Pathfinder and took one in as a part ex. A 13 month old Aventura with really low miles. The deal was fantastic and I swapped the Saab back for the Pathfinder as he had a buyer for the Saab.

I have now covered 31000 miles in 18 months and I haven't had a problem. Apart from a cracked rear coil spring, which are really expensive at £250 each, and you cannot buy standard after market replacements. So I opted for a full springs and shocker replacement using Old Man Emu kit. It has raised the height by an inch all round, but has improved the handling. Got it all for the price of two rear coil springs! Still have four shockers and three springs if anyone wants them.

The Nissan Pathfinder beats the competition hands down. It's fantastic off road, and on I can get 38 mpg on a steady motorway run, and average 28-30 around town. I use it for the dogs, camping, tip runs; you name it, it's been used for it.

Avoid the auto, it's a pig.

You just have to have a look at New Zealand and Australia, and see the following it has over there!

30th Dec 2009, 06:25

Original poster here:

Well just starting my last six months of Pathfinder ownership as the lease expires in June.

Car has just gone in for its 38,000 service and to have the washer bottle repairs (it was holed by something thrown up from the highway? Bizarre)

Still an amazingly capable car: there is no other vehicle I want on my drive when the weather turns very wintry as it has this past month. Despite a lot of farm use, the car still has no rattles or creaks. Still a fine helm to sit at.

Some downsides as I approach 3 years of ownership :

* Well the company car tax is crippling me. I should have realized this, my fault not the Pathies.

* Fuel consumption is poor around town. 24.5 mpg. Great for a huge off-roader, but still an expensive way to ferry the kids to school and the stables. Again not the Pathies fault - I chose this car before I lost 40% of my salary in 2009. Ah well!

* The engine seems to have gotten gruffer with age: there's a real " pinking" style rattling like an old clunker diesel at low revs that such a modern engine need not have IME. It's very powerful and torquey, but sounds less advanced than it is.

That's about it!

Financially I regret having the Pathie as a company car at least for the past year, but it's been a total pleasure in every other way. Still looks great on the rare occasions it is clean and not covered in silage and manure, and cossets all occupants like a limo within. Boot space and flexibility is truly unmatched anywhere IME.

Whoever buys my car at auction in June for under ten grand will have a massive bargain.

Great cars, highly recommended to anyone who is sure they can afford to run one!

26th May 2010, 01:01

Original poster here : Well this is my last update, as the lease expires on the Pathfinder in a couple of weeks.

Three years and fifty thousand miles. How has it shaped up?

It's been a very comfortable family car. The space has been amazingly useful, we have not needed to rent a van or arrange a delivery ONCE in the time I have owned this car. Rear leg room is not quite as huge as you may think, and as my boy is now a lanky 13 year old, he occasionally complains.

But still a very commodious and comfortable car.

Interior trim has weathered very well, and still comes up like brand new when cleaned.

The exterior has suffered from many dinks and scrapes, as a consequence of it being used in town a lot. It's a huge huge car, difficult to manouver in tight spaces and to avoid in tight spaces for other motorists. It is too big for UK roads in truth.

Again still washes up beautifully however.

The engine has become really quite gruff over the years, and is now far from the smoothish lump it was when new. Fuel consumption has worsened somewhat too, now recording 26 MPG overall. Still very good for a barge of this size.

It's been used pretty hard for a family, and has not really given us any problems. Highly recommended for anyone needing space and toughness, with a good dose of luxury.

Farewell, beastie, we'll miss ya!

5th Apr 2011, 14:08

If you still have them, which side rear coil spring have you got, and what will it cost :-)