16th Sep 2003, 07:58

I have a 1993 Pathfinder with about 135,000 miles. I've owned it for the last 2 years and like it a lot. About a month ago the engine started making a ticking noise when it's cold, so it sounds like I've got the infamous broken manifold bolt problem. Also, I have a weird electrical problem where the interior lights come on whenever I turn right and the alarm freaks out for no reason sometimes. Otherwise, I love my truck and plan to keep it for at least a couple more years. I can live with a couple nit-picky things as long as it keeps running well.

14th Oct 2003, 12:23

Hello - my name is Don Mills from Southern Indiana. I bought a 92 Nissan Pathfinder 4x4 last year. It now has 140,000 miles - and the frame just recently rusted all the way through and fell off the manifold. There is too much rust - no body shop will assume responsibility to repair due to insurance purposes.

I contacted the manufacturer - and they said "sorry". Anyone else have this problem? I now have a great 92 body and motor for sale.

15th Oct 2003, 07:25

G'day, I am the proud owner of a 1994 Pathfinder, and let me tell you, the manifold problem will never stop. Oh, you'll think that after the fourth time at the dealer the problem would be fixed. But oh no, lets bring her in again. My parting words shall be sound advice to all Pathfinderians... BEWARE THE BLOODY MANIFOLDS!!!

(I also own a 1992 BMW325i, now that's a real car!)

12th Nov 2003, 11:36

I have 2 Pathfinders a 1990 SE and a 1992 SE I love em both. I knew about the manifold leaks before buying my second, I had a shop fix my first leak in the 1990 but it leaks again, don't think I care anymore it can stay loud, besides I have 240k on the engine and I think it helps me pass California smog! Nissan as a company just don't care about its faithful customers and I soon plan to move on to a company that does care about it customer base! They should fix these leaks on all Pathfinders for dirt cheap its their mistake so own up to it! I will say that Nissan is a reliable car like Toyota and Honda. Time for a Cadilliac! I say boycot Nissan or class action lawsuit them for their mistakes belive me they will take advantage of you whenever they can so lets give them the same!

1st Apr 2005, 09:46

I have owned three Nissan hard bodys. A first generation 4 cylinder 1986 2WD pickup was the best I ever had. Then I upgraded to a 1989 SE V6 4WD truck that developed the manifold leak almost out the gate. I just bought a 1995 Pathfinder with 96K miles. It has the manifold leak on the right side. When the engine heats and cools during up and downhill driving, the problem becomes more or less apparent. It is most apparent when first started. Clearly Nissan can't figure out how to redesign it after all these years and offers nothing to the consumer for our trouble with their defect. Other than that, I really like the Nissan product. I also owned two Datsun 310s that were no problem at all even at 200,000 miles. The manifold issue is not good for Nissan's reputation.

28th May 2007, 23:13

I have a 1992 pathfinder and it has been great until now. My frame has rusted all the way through on the back end. The truck runs strong only the frame has crumbled. Johnny D.