21st Jan 2004, 18:18

I've had my Pathfinder for over a year now, bought it used with 112,000 miles. Not a thing has gone wrong with it in the time I've had it. Runs like a top. 4 wheel drive works great. These things run forever if taken care of. I use Mobil 1 oil, and it doesn't burn any, or leak any fluids at all. I'm planning on keeping this gem for many more years. Gets over 20 mpg on highway trips. Rides and drives as if it were new. Can't say anything bad at all about this nifty truck.

13th Sep 2004, 09:35

I have had my 94 pathfinder for 4.5 years and have had relatively good luck with it. I bought it with 48,000 miles and now have possibly 180,000 (speedometer broke 2 years ago) it shows 114,000 miles and works once in awhile so I'm guessing. I have replaced the front cv joints / tires / brakes / timing belt and water pump. I also had to replace all 4 spkrs and I still have a problem with the front spkrs going out every now and then (amp?) I do have to say that it is a mechanically sound vehicle and always takes me home. good luck to all of you with yours!

23rd Jan 2007, 01:08

94 Nissan Pathfinder LE - Heated leather seats make for a very comfortable ride.

The BF Goodrich 10.5 x 31's are amazing and go anywhere. The 4x4 works perfectly.

I have a K&N with dual exhaust set up with a turbo muffler, which keeps the noise down a bit.

All around an excellent vehicle.

I do need to replace my manifold bolts, but if you can prove they are broke, this is a factory covered expense, and any dealer has to replace them for the cost of parts, which is about $100. Don’t let them charge you, this is a design flaw, and there were 1000's of cars recalled for this exact problem.

I replaced the timing chain, CV joints, hatch supports, tires, and battery recently, and everything else is spot on.

My center headliner needs a little tending, but everything works perfectly. I do off-road it, and take it to the snow all winter, and usually end up towing some American truck out of the mud or snow. But I never get stuck, knock wood.

I just got rid of a newer Trailblazer, and although that was a comfortable car, this truck knocks its socks off.

If you have the Power AT options, use it in hill areas. On the highway, this option gives you amazing response from the transmission. Any slight touch of my foot gets immediate feedback.

I would love to have the sport suspension option... but this one didn’t come with it, and I ain't adding it.

Great trucks! The 95 has a passenger airbag, which is the only other option I would like to have. I had a 93 for 250k.

Here are some shots of the 1994 Nissan Pathfinder LE - http://www.x31.net/path/