21st Jan 2009, 20:19

I've got a 1995 Nissan Pathfinder as well, also in pretty good condition. Just last week I noticed extreme power loss. My gas pedal seems harder to press down, car feels heavier while driving, and car shakes when reaching 60MPH and over. I assumed the shaking might have been caused by my tires and shocks, but both have been replaced just last year. I also had an alignment done thinking that would improve the shaking, but it didn't. I'm beginning to believe the engine is shaking while at high speeds, causing the entire car to shake? Do you think this has anything to do with a rusted frame? After reading this post, I'm sure my frame is probably in the same condition. I just haven't checked yet.

Can anyone assist with my power loss issue? Would manifolds cause this to happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated.


30th Jan 2009, 13:26

Yep, same frame rot problem for me. I bought the thing for 1600 dollars off of a used car dealer, and I'm assuming the guy was aware of this.

Anyways, the entire back part of the car is rusted off of the frame, only thing holding it up is the springs and some rod thing. I wasn't even driving it when it happened, woke up one morning and the car was like that.

30th Jan 2009, 23:20

I 2nd the comment about the early Pathfinders not having rust issues.

My frame on my '87 is flawless with 203k.

The '89 Pathfinder a girl at my school drives is flawless as well, shes got around 150k.

I stopped and looked at a buddy's-buddy's '93, and it was a little bit rusty but not too bad.

I've seen these frames flawless throughout all WD21 years (1987-1995) and I've seen them rusty as hell.

2nd Feb 2009, 10:20

As most of you have written, I am also having problems with the frame of my 1995 Nissan pick-up truck rotting. The engine runs great, but soon that will be the only thing left. I have just logged my complaint at www.safercar.gov. I know several of you have suggested that, and hopefully it will help encourage Nissan to treat their customers as Toyota has.

5th Feb 2009, 15:47

My 93 Pathfinder is more of the same. I'm assembling a pack to send to the president of Nissan USA. I love this truck and have spent thousands maintaining it and customizing it. I'm gonna get mine fixed darn it!

12th Feb 2009, 20:46

2001 Infiniti QX4 (Nissan Pathfinder) - rusted completely through the frame in the front of the vehicle. Dealer says out of warranty by years and mileage. Independent mechanics state it is TOO DANGEROUS to drive anywhere. Count me in the lawsuit.

13th Feb 2009, 13:07

I too own a 95 Pathfinder SE. Bought it back in July of 07 used. I am the second owner.

Found paperwork stating that this Pathfinder had been registered in Texas for several years, and was bought in New York and is now back in New York.

When I bought it, the frame was rusted like all the others above the rear wheels. The person I bought it from runs a small dealership and they usually have a few cars for sale at a time. He fixed that part of the frame before I purchased it, but knew that I would be buying it. He actually cut out the bad steel and replaced it with steel that was much thicker, which I think is part of Nissans problem.

Anyway I have not had a problem with those areas yet, and if you know how New York is with the road salt; they use in the winter and they really load it on. Now I took it back in July 08 to get it inspected and everything was fine except a fuel leak from the tank and the frame, so it would not pass.

I tried having the person who fixed it before fix it again, but he is to busy so I had a friend of my fathers weld it here just this past week and picked it up this morning. He says it's only cosmetic and not safe at all. It is rotted in another usual spot on the passenger side where the frame starts to slope up to the rear of the vehicle.

I paid $3500.00 for this and I still owe a little more than that on the loan. Now I'm told it's not safe and I can't sell it to anyone cause that would be bad, so what do I do? Almost got lucky yesterday and had a tree fall on it where it was getting fixed, and I can't sell it due to a lien on the title. I'm angry and I called Nissan to so hopefully something gets done. Hell I'd be happy if they paid off my loan, then I could go get a $500 beater that's safer than this.

7th Mar 2009, 19:34

I also own a 95 Pathfinder. Have owned it since it was new. Looks GREAT, runs GREAT. Just found out that it will not pass inspection in VA because of massive rust on the rear passenger side behind the rear wheel. This is much too common of a problem for us not to do something with it. Surprised that there hasn't been a death or serious injuries.

10th Mar 2009, 20:11

I also have a 95 Pathfinder SE. I hit a pothole and busted the entire rear end support between the frame. I did this going to work in NYC where potholes are a common thing in the winter.

I have 4 new 31x10.5 ($800.00) tires with only 1,200 miles, a trans with 14,000 ($2,800).

The truck is in great shape inside and out, the frame is trash, $3,000 for a new one, $800 or more for used which is turning out to be almost impossible to find. Plus 40 hours to do a body off chassis repair.

I would like to be in this class action lawsuit if it ever happens. I love my truck, I hate the steel they put in the frame. cuda0818@aol.com.

21st Mar 2009, 20:15

I own a '95 Pathfinder XE with 160,000 mostly trouble-free miles. It has been the best vehicle I have ever owned. I just found out today that it will not pass a Virginia Inspection due to the frame rust being so severe it is almost completely in two. Other than the rust, it is running as fine today as the day I bought it over 12 years ago. I did not know this problem was so common on Pathfinders until I starting looking on the web. I will complain to whomever I need to about this. Nissan knew about this problem from the get go and still no offer to fix the problem. Lawsuit, Count Me In!!!

22nd Mar 2009, 22:34

Wow. I had no idea that this was a problem. I own a 99 Pathfinder and my mechanic (who I trust immensely) told me that I cannot drive this away, unless of course I have a death wish. When I took it in to be looked at, I was sure I had a shock problem because the brake and gas pedals were kicking back at every bump, only to find out that I don’t have a shock problem, I have a car that I can’t drive because the front driver-side wheel well barely exists.

I could live without my heat shield, exhaust piping and rear Nissan logo (all which had long since rusted out completely) but my personal safety is where I draw the line. I’m highly concerned that Nissan hasn’t acknowledged the problem. Does anyone know of any recalls involved with this problem? If not, I would be interested in pursuing any legal action that may be developing. Just tell me when and how.

Thanks for everyone who took the time to share a comment. I would have never known I wasn’t alone in this.