1994 Nissan Patrol ST 4.2 diesel from Australia and New Zealand


An excellent value for money Land-cruiser recovery vehicle


The car has been an absolute dream to own.

The drivers side power window died, but even then it didn't give up the ghost. It just wound the window up slower.

The battery died on us but I wouldn't call that a fault of the vehicle. More so the places we took it.

Coil springs have started to show some sag but once again it is a result of the terrain we cross.

General Comments:

Couldn't speak more highly of it!

It is very capable off road on weekends and doubles as the family shopping trolley during the week.

After being sucked into the normal spiel of nothing comparing to a Land-cruiser, we initially wouldn't touch one with a barge pole but were convinced by one dealer to take one for a test drive.

Thank god we did. The driving comfort, fuel economy, purchase price and off road handling are second to none and certainly meet if not exceed those of the Land-cruiser.

We have been so impressed with the GQ Patrol that we will be holding onto it for as long as she keeps on going, and when the day finally comes to buy another, the Patrol will be the only contender.

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Review Date: 8th July, 2001

11th Feb 2002, 12:57

Hi, I just wanted to say that the Patrol is nothing like the Landcruiser. Especially the kind this person is taking about. I have a 92 Landcruiser which burns the new 98 one door Patrols on and off road. On the dunes, my car does things that the Patrol wouldn't dream of doing, so I think this comment on this Patrol is a bit odd.