29th Jan 2010, 07:24

29 Jan 2010.

I purchased a diesel 4.2 Patrol with a turbo last year, and have done 10 000 kms and am very impressed with this 1996 model.

It has a winch and a towbar, and a huge roof rack, and I like the fact that one can really load it. The space!

It has done 350 000 kms, and it goes and goes, and I was thinking of perhaps upgrading to a Land Cruiser, but am changing my mind after reading some reviews. Why replace something not broken.

What tyres do you recommend for this vehicle. I am from South Africa and do lots of off road riding in Mozambique.

5th May 2010, 06:39

Hi, I have a 92 Patrol auto. I have heard that the auto box does pack it in, is this a common fault?

16th Jul 2010, 07:14


Just brought a 94 Nissan Patrol SWB, 4.2l (Non Turbo) NZ new, and man can it pull. High Kms (386k), but rock solid.

Everyone outside of NZ should be buying these 4WDs, as we are now stuck with only the new "soft" 3-4 litre later than 2004 imports, as the Government over here stuffed up on their importing laws.

The late model Japanese 4WDs (Nissan, Toyota, etc, etc) have been made for "Soccer Moms" who drive around town doing their shopping, so they are very light weight. Nissan... START BUILDING THESE BIG SOLID MACHINES AGAIN PLEASE!!

My final thought is that these are the ultimate towing machine (I pull a double Horse Float, non sprung, normally with 2 x 500 odd kg worth of horses) you cannot go wrong!!

And don't try pulling a double horse float with a 3 litre Terrano with an auto gearbox.... bad, bad, bad idea!!

18th Jun 2011, 06:33

My Patrol 1992 4.2 diesel (Ford Maverick) wagon is my refuge. I sometimes fall asleep in the driver's seat whilst it is parked in the garage, it's my backyard shed.

24th Sep 2011, 15:10

Hi, I agree, I live in England, and I have been building a house, so I haul a lot of heavy loads. I have a Patrol GR 4.2 diesel 1994 SWB model, and it is amazingly tough. Non turbo model, regular oil changes 3000 miles on the dot. Never let me down, never touched track rod ends, UJs, never leaks oil, never burns oil, not the fastest, but the torque for a non turbo, awesome. Has done 197000 miles.

My uncle has a Land Rover Discovery 2.5 turbo diesel, and he has endless trouble, not to mention they seem to leak oil from just about every gasket and seal.

Nissans seem so tough and reliable. I have owned a few Nissans and cannot fault them. The only one thing is rust, as they are not as good as say VW or Audi, but that is about the only bad thing.

17th Aug 2012, 22:24

Yawn... both the Landcruiser and Patrol/Safari are great trucks. It is tedious when people jump on to forums and make comments to further justify why they decided on one or the other. I have a Nissan Safari (same as Patrol) and I have not a single bad word to say about it. Reliability is incredible.

22nd Jul 2015, 19:17


Can anyone tell me about the petrol consumption of a Safari 1994 turbo engine?

29th Dec 2017, 16:35

I've had an early 80 series Land Cruiser with the 4.0 and a GQ patrol with the 4.2 EFI engine. The Cruiser was certainly more comfortable in the cabin, but offroad (I mainly drive sand dunes) the Patrol is way better. The 4.0 engine should never have been put in an 80 series. It was too gutless. The newer 80 series with the 4.5 is a different car and way better than the early ones.

The patrol is WAY better on fuel though. I get 17l/100km with the TB42e petrol EFI engine; the Cruiser would always struggle to get 25L/100km. Heavier and constant 4WD takes a big toll on economy. For the price I paid for my GQ Patrol, which is in fantastic condition, I'd have gotten a dog of a Land Cruiser.