14th Sep 2002, 16:28

Hi I'm currently car-hunting and I found a 1993 Patrol for sale. It has the 4.2L Diesel engine, it has manual transmission and loads of extras. Body seems to be in excellent condition and it has only got 62K on the odometer.

I need the car for daily use plus weekend activities. Will it be powerful enough for extra-city driving, i.e. is acceleration appropriate and is fuel consumption affordable?Your earliest reply will be greatly appreciated.


10th Oct 2002, 19:12

Having owned a 60 series Land-cruiser, followed by an 80 series Land-cruiser, and finally a GQ patrol, I firmly prefer the Nissan's. All of these vehicles have been diesel. The 60 series was a great truck, but it was leaf sprung. The coil sprung 80 series gave me no end of problems. The full-time 4wd system in the 80 is not as strong as the 60 or the GQ. The front diff is actually a smaller item from the Hilux. After thousands of dollars spent on the Toyota, an experienced 4wd trainer suggested the GQ patrol. I did many weeks of research and couldn't find anyone who had a bad word to say about the GQ patrol (mechanically). Most of the Nissan guys had owned Toyota's before (and had problems) and most of Toyota guys that said they would never own a Nissan had actually never owned a Nissan!. The editor of 4WD monthly summed it up with this quote reflecting on the gearbox and drive train.. "Toyota talks tough, Nissan is Tough". My advice, don't be fooled by the extra cup holders or color coded bumpers.. underneath the skin the better car is obvious, and anyone who has experience with both will probably agree. "You don't know what your missing until you've driven a Nissan!"

4th May 2003, 04:07

The GQ Patrol is tough and capable. It will go anywhere a Landcruiser will go and the driveline is stronger.

I have owned a short GQ petrol since new in 1992 and have had nothing break except a fuel gauge and a bonnet (hood) hinge pin. I think it rusted and then twisted off when I raised the hood (I had not oiled it in ten years).

I also replaced the radiator after about six years (my radiator man says I should replace the coolant every year rather than the two years Nissan recommend, then it will last much longer)

A friend has a diesel GQ Patrol of similar vintage and now he has 530,000 Km and is still running the original engine without any rebuild. he is religious about changing the oil every 5000 Km.

Both these vehicles get used offroad a lot - Simpson desert, Cape York, high country etc.

18th May 2003, 23:15

I'm a converted man. When I was younger, my uncle had Toyotas on his farm that he'd let us drive around in. I became a 'Cruiser man from very early on, and dismissed anyone who had anything good to say about Nissan's as an idiot.

I got an apprenticeship at the local Toyota dealership and was in my glory being able to work on Landcruisers everyday. To cut a long story short, the fairy tale soon ended when I realised just how over-rated Landcruisers are! Brand new Landcruisers coming off the back of the truck with shuddering clutches, and never ending gearbox and diff repairs, and saggy suspensions. And the cab interiors rattle worse than a commodore taxi.

One of the mechanics I worked under, and for whom I had a lot of respect owned a GQ Patrol wagon. I was blown away when he brought it in to the workshop one day to check the oils. Put it on the hoist and take a look underneath. Not a single oil leak, or signs of any previously, no signs of damage anywhere. This on a 4WD that had twice been to the tip of Cape York, and once around Australia. I was blown away and instantly converted.

I now own a 1988 Nissan Patrol Ute Diesel with 250 000 kms on it. The engine is stronger than anything I've seen with this much mileage, and just seems to get better with every mile, I know that sounds funny, but it does. Wierd, and another Patrol Diesel owner has said the same thing to me. I am converted, and after driving my Patrol, my Father, who is the owner of a 1993 Landcruiser ute has also been converted. He now wants to buy a new Turbo Patrol ute.

Once you own a Patrol, you'll never buy another Landcruiser. Toyota's are too over-rated and over-priced.

5th Jun 2003, 05:19

I had a guy in the other day who claimed he was doing his first set of injectors at 450,000km. claimed that his father had one that had done 850,000km with minimal maintenance & currently had one that has done 960,000km, but also reckoned that the motor was still worth another 200,000km. I questioned him because I am investigating buying a 4.2l diesel. I have found from many questions of owners & motor transplant importers, that the Toyota 3.0l (1997& earlier, still 1kzte motors) are still susceptible to cracking cylinder heads & other problems, but can't find anyone who passes negative comments on the Patrols.

19th Jun 2003, 02:02

There is the 4wd, and then there is the Nissan Patrol.

I have previously owned 2 land cruisers, a 45 series Ute (2h petrol engine) and a 80 series. These were fine trucks, they were capable, and comfortable. The old 45 series petrol was a petrol guzzler to the max; and the 80 series diesel was quite economical.

I thought I would never change from toyota.

Several years ago now I decided to purchase a G Q patrol, 4.2l diesel short wheel base and I have never looked backed. My G Q is twice as strong in the drive-train than any land cruiser, as well as almost bullet proof in mechanicals. It may not drive like a sports car, but who cares?, at least you know you are driving a truck.

My patrol is very frugal, has tons of torque, and I couldn't be more happy.

16th Jul 2003, 03:21

Hi to all prospective Patrol buyers, coming from Africa, I have seen and used a variety of four wheel drives in harsh terain. My personal favourite for ride quality would be the Land Rover Discovery series two.

For reliability & value for money the Patrol GQ would certainly be my first choice. Lancruisers are still unrefined, uncomfortable, and overated.

Test drive a Patrol, they are a sensible buy.

27th Sep 2003, 14:27

I own a 1988 Nissan Patrol after years of owning Land Rovers. The Nissan is an altogether better vehicle. I had thought that it was impossible for a vehicle with leaf springs to handle properly. Nissan have accomplished this perfectly. It blows all Land Rovers, Land Cruisers and Isuzu's into next week. I own the 2.8 petrol, straight six and after over 120,000 miles (uk) it just keeps getting better. It pulls so beautifully smoothly. I have now completed a few long journeys in the thing that would have left me exhausted just contemplating the same jouney in the Land Rovers.

And I can listen to the radio, and hear it. Wonderful.

Comfort and unbelievable simplicity and strength.

14th Dec 2003, 17:53

Another confirmed Patrol nut here.

Last car was an unbreakable 1993 (fully imported) GQ Patrol LWB. Was fitted with the RB30 and a Manual gearbox.

An absolutely unbreakable car, and we upgraded to a 2001 GU Patrol LWB. This time, fitted with the ZD30 Turbo diesel and a again with a manual gearbox.

I feel it is not as good as the GQ's mechanical, but still poo's all over the 100series Land Cruisers.

Just wait 'til you drive it.

Or is it '_SHIFT The Future' now?