26th Jun 2006, 03:13

I have a 2005 LWB 4.8 VTC Patrol and stay in UAE, this car takes me everywhere I want in the desert. Crosses many time part of the empty quarter, and the car just doesn't give up. The only mods on it are the suspension with the OME. I cannot find anything wrong on the car - comfort and performance are superb. A real desert toy.

1st Jan 2007, 14:43

Yeah I am interested in extra power too. I am running a 1988 GQ TB42 petrol on gas which is economical and powerful, but slow compared to most passenger cars. I am getting quotes to fit a 4.8 ltr fuel injected 2003 motor put in which has 185kw compared to 125kw. Does anyone know if the 5 speed from these models are compatible.

15th Jun 2007, 19:43

I Have a 2004 gu 4.8 patrol I have had a gas Conversion fitted

Alson Long range fuel tank I now have a nasty rattle above 3200 Revs Alson lack of power Maximum 100 if I am lucky would welcome any comments



11th Jul 2007, 04:56


I have 1993 LWB GQ 4.2 Petrol EFI ST Patrol... It has been an awesome 4x4, that after a few after-market mods (Unichip gave it an extra 14% power, plus a decent exhaust added another 8%, and a set of Hi Clones for economy) transformed a robust 4 x 4 with mediocre performance into a very attractive vehicle...

Having been a bit of a "Petrol Head" for most of my life, I truly cannot fault it...

I have recently replaced the shockies with a set of TJM H/D's at 170K kms. Apart from that, and a couple of radiator hoses, it has been bullet proof.

It is used extensively around town (Coffs Harbour), regularly off road and as a tow vehicle for a fairly large "Race Car" Transporter.

It is quick off the traffic lights (when compared to other 4x4s), and consumes fuel at the rate of around 11.7 -> 13.0 litres per 100kms (depending on how many Toyotas you have to dust off).

It gets regularly serviced every 5000k's, and there has been no tell tail oil leaks onto the (her) driveway.

It is comfortable, has most of the conveniences (keyless entry would be nice), is as cheap as a diesel, has more power and has been unbelievably reliable.

What more can I say... "Oh what a feeling!"

22nd Jul 2007, 03:22

Hi, Got a 93 GQ 4.2 petrol. Great vehicle but got an intermittent problem. Any body else experienced this? She goes well, but then seems to choke as if fuel is not getting through. She will cough a few times, I back off the pedal then off she goes again. Might run for a few days without hassle then does it again. Anybody got any suggestion? Regards.

19th Sep 2007, 21:41

I realise this is not a Fix it forum, so I hope you will excuse me this reply as I have had this fuel problem.

Regarding the person with the: 93 GQ 4.2 petrol. with an intermittent problem.

You may well have fixed this problem by now. I am a bit slow catching up with the reading. However the symptoms you described fit a rust or dust in the fuel tank clogging the intake. Check your tank breathers for dust going into the tank, and replace your fuel filters, hope this helps.

25th Nov 2007, 23:42

I own a 1988 GQ SWB diesel which has been excellent in every way. I get around 10.5/11.5 Lt/100 k fuel economy in city driving, with better figures on the highway (9.7/10.0 Lt/100 k) when I drive gently (70/80 kph) The oil is changed at 5000 k intervals, filters at 10000 k. generally the air filter is changed at 25/30000 km depending on fuel use. I don't go off road as much as I would like, but I would not want to sell my car as any other vehicle is too delicate for me. I find 2wd cars (Holden/Falcon) are buggered in 2 to 3 years of me getting them. Since I've had this car I've had no real problems apart from fair wear & tear. So far I've done 240000 km in 14 years and hope to get more service (lots more) yet.

19th Apr 2008, 00:58

I have owned a late 1991 GQ dual fuel for 5 years. She's an everyday car; from round the paddocks to 85 kms each way to town to having just completed 12,000 kms down to and around Tasmania.

I don't look after her well i.e. Oil changes around 16-20,000 as its still honey coloured on LPG, been running with an old distributor cap and rotor since 2002, random changes of air filter - nothing else - and she's been running fine up to 435,000 kms.

OK the LPG is a bit iffy, have to get the valve clearance and timing spot on or she spits back occasionally - but that's probably the duff distributor.

So, 435,000 kms, nothing done, 4.5plus kms per litre on gas

(I never run her on petrol).

Having had fleets of Landrovers and Toyotas in Africa I know what I'd choose for reliability, traction and go-anywhere ability.

And remember, this 4WD came standard with coils and discs all round, LSD, un-lockable roll bar and electrically operated everything (which I hate).

For value and reliability I now believe you cannot beat the 4.2 Patrol.

It's such a pity the smaller engines that followed don't live up to that reputation. If you are tempted to buy one of the later, smaller ones I suggest you avoid those with tow-bars.

She's just developed pretty frightening front suspension and body noise, especially on severe corrugation. One "expert" says body cracks from hard use, any suggestions?

4th Jun 2008, 01:55

Hi fellows, I am from Pakistan and have a Nissan 4.2 diesel engine, gearbox and differentials fitted in a 1980 Jeep CJ7, cause I have great respect for the Patrol as it helped me win the Cholistan Desert Rally. I have taken this vehicle to Karakoram China border the east desert, and to the punishing terrain of Afghanistan.

I also own a Land Cruiser Cygnus, but I love Jeeps, and after years of thinking and experience, I came up with the idea that the only machinery that would replace my Jeeps machinery would be a Nissan Patrol as the wheel base has gone short, the power is incredible on and off road, and the Nissan 4.2d doesn't give up; you could abuse it to the limit. Trust me, I have used it on sand, mud, snow, and rocks; the Nissan has never let me down. I have jumped it several times, and with a short start than the petrol machinery.

8th Sep 2008, 02:55

My Dad owns a 1994 GQ Patrol LWB 4.2 turbo diesel, and he bought it in 2005 with 204,000kms, and the last couple of months we have done stuff to it like fitted a bull bar, and we have also done a conversion from automatic to manual and it still drives like it was brand new.

I wish that they still made the 4.2l because it was and still is the hardest engine to kill if you kept on top of the servicing (ie changing the oil every 5000kms). Go the mighty Patrols.

25th Apr 2009, 05:58

I've owned a 4.2L diesel Patrol since new in 1994. I had a Safari turbo fitted before delivery and an intercooler fitted at 40000km.

This engine is unstoppable. I've changed the oil every 5000km and filters at 10000km. It still doesn't burn oil at 325000km!

Today I checked the valve clearances and found I'd wasted my time - the clearances didn't need adjusting and I haven't checked them since 250000km.

The drive-train is unbreakable. It's one very tough 4WD!!

Oh I also replaced the rear brake pads today for the 1st time in all that distance. Pretty good eh?