2009 Nissan Pixo n-tec 1.0 from UK and Ireland


Sweet little Pixo, great price paid


Picked the Pixo up new from the dealership and it had scratches over three sections of the dash interior. These are to be replaced in due course by the dealership.

Brakes also feel spongy as though air is in the brake lines. Need to resolve this issue with dealer.

General Comments:

Got the car with £1000 customer savings, plus we agreed an additional £200 off (after some lengthy discussion with the sales guy). So £6795.00 for a brand new Pixo.

Spec is respectable, which includes air con, MP3 stereo and electric windows. You also get four airbags (2 front and 2 side), ABS with EBD and brake assist on 14 inch wheels.

Small, nimble and easy to drive. Light gear change, very light clutch (almost too light) and easy steering make it easy to nip about town.

Quick little engine considering only a three cylinder one litre, though a typical three cylinder noise (like a gentle thrumping noise). 68bhp is a pretty respectable amount of power for a small car such as this.

A decent run about for getting to and from work, but not really ideal for longer motorways runs.

Seats four adults maximum, as only the four seat belts available and not really suited to five adults anyway (would be a tight squeeze).

Body styling looks good and front fog lights add a touch of sportiness.

Small rear boot, but fine for a few shopping bags. The rear seats split and fold should you need the extra storage space.

Interior quality not the best on the Pixo, and does seem easily scuffed and scratched, but considering the price of this car brand new, then you can understand where the cost have been saved by Nissan. Mechanically though, the Pixo seems solid and typically Japanese (even though made in India by Suzuki).

Overall, if you are in the market for a small car with good fuel consumption of around 60 miles per gallon, low insurance (group 2), low tax (£35 a year) then it's certainly worth a look.

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Review Date: 1st October, 2009

17th Jan 2010, 10:35

1k miles update on the Pixo: dash problem now repaired by dealer, but weak dealer meant that it took three occasions for them to repair the dash to our satisfaction. On one occasion the poor Pixo dash was 'pulling away' from the windscreen (so hence a third trip to the dealer for yet further re-work)

Also electrical gremlins started on Pixo were central locking and radio started to switch itself off (for no obvious apparent reason)... discovered that dealer had not installed main fuses correctly (so this wasn't really the Pixo's fault, but again poor dealership work).

Then Jan 2010 we received a letter from Nissan regarding a recall on car; regarding a faulty sensor issue with a fuel part (booked car in again for repair, but with a different Nissan dealer)