13th Feb 2010, 08:00

On going issues still with car. Latest being that rear window screen wash stopped working, but instead sprayed water inside of the car. (yes...inside of the car). Dealer said that there was a pipe disconnecting behind dash console, which needed to be re-connected. We've since had this "reconnected" twice due to a poor fitting of the parts. Overall, our experience of the car is becoming somewhat tiresome and troublesome. Glad we didn't pay full price for the car.

23rd Feb 2010, 07:39

Pixo; purchased Jan 2010.

Slow to start. Now with 1500kms, still slow engine turn over and fire up.

5th Sep 2010, 09:42

One year update from our original posting. The car is now due for its first year service; to which we were quoted £135.00 (which is expensive considering my other larger car was serviced for just £120.00). We now have only 4000 mileage on the clock, but all seems OK with the car, apart from a slight suspension rattle and knocking when driving over bumps and sharply turning to the right.

Overall, we are please with the car's performance recently, and we are starting to gain trust in its reliability for day to day life.

28th Nov 2010, 14:31

Update on the cars reliability. Unfortunately, a few more issues with the car.

1) The windscreen really gets frozen up over winter, and I don't just mean the outside; but the inside really badly. So bad in fact that I have to use just as much de-icer spray on the inside of the wind screen as I do the outside. I'm not just talking a bit misty, but thick solid ice (and as you can imagine, the mess this makes all over the dash panels). The car really is not well insulated.

2) The reversing light stops working randomly for periods of time (as if water is getting into the system and cutting the connections out).

3. A knocking and clunking noise from the drivers side suspension. According to our Nissan dealer, they cannot hear this noise. My response is; they truly must be either deaf or ignorant.

Overall; we are really regretting this car. Perhaps one to avoid!

29th Nov 2010, 06:39

Re: previous comment.

1. Ice on inside of windscreen. Glass is never going to be a good insulator, and condensation forms on it as it is often the coldest part of the car. I would suggest that you have water vapour trapped in the car from one source or other; most likely breath vapour - do you make sure you are using the cabin air intake on "incoming" and not "re-circulate" as per owners manual? If you get in a car with wet clothes, breathing passengers, dog etc, their air vapour will over-power the car's exit vents in the boot area and you will get condensation, which will head towards the coldest part of the car and then freeze. Drive with heating, air to incoming, window slightly open.

You may have water ingress somewhere, possibly from a blocked air intake chamber drain, which overflows into the cabin or saturates the pollen filter (if fitted) and leads to misting up of windows. Are the carpets dry?

With steaming up, it is not usually a design fault, more a lack of thought as to where the water vapour can escape to, the heating/air intake on the wrong setting or a leak of fluid into the cabin-often from a blocked drain or poor seal.

Investigate the cause!

2. Reversing light - warranty item, but is the wiring wet from a leak and part of the misting problem? Is the bulb faulty? Is it the correct bayonet type (there are two) and fitted in properly? It may be a simple gearbox switch alignment or replacement is needed.

3. Clonking; most new budget cars I have owned have had noisy suspension that thumps and knocks. Take to an alternative Nissan garage and ask for a second opinion.

Don't forget, this is a very cheap budget car made in India, which is poorly rated by the critics, but has trendy marketing; it is never going to be a well insulated, silent and faultless car.

Having driven one, I thought they were very overpriced, and compared better to a 2004 CityRover rather than anything else. Sweet looking though!

2nd Mar 2011, 11:43

I have a 2009 Nissan Pixo Acenta (no air con), paid £5000 2nd hand.

It's a nice car, good miles per gallon. I can do 3 weeks at 20 miles a day currently £35 to fill. It does squeak going over speed bumps which I think comes from the rubber door seals, but it might be the suspension, not sure. But it's more comfortable than my father's Toyota Aygo, especially in the rear.

The water line breaking and making a foot shower is caused by not having de-icer in the screen wash, I hear. It has not been an issue for me as I always prepare my cars for the winter. My screen did freeze on the inside once, but the heaters work good and took care of it, so no need for de-icer on the inside! Father's Aygo had similar ice on the inside too.

12th Mar 2011, 12:21

More update from my original posting: We collected the car from the third dealership (as this is the repair to the windscreen seal and water damage). Upon asking the dealer why it took so long, they admitted that they accidentally shattered the front windscreen by being too eager with a rubber hammer (gulp!!!) - subsequently a new window was fitted along with the long list of other bits and bobs the car needed. Took the car home, then shortly after, noticed two strips of trim falling off, due to a lake of glue, but let's face it though; I think glue forms a large part of this car's construction. I fixed this myself, as couldn't bear another Nissan dealership.

In summary to my experience: first dealer had the car 5 times, resulting in an official complaint. Second dealer had it 6 times, also resulting in a complaint. Third dealer had it for over a week and shattered the windscreen. Nissan themselves secured finance on the car in error, resulting in an official complaint... and for all this trouble; Nissan gave us a £5 box of chocolates.

So in my final posting, I urge anyone to please, please, please look around all other dealerships, and take in to consideration build quality and price. As for me; watch out for the next series of BBC's Watchdog... as I'll be on there making my complaint official -- but this time Nissan WILL take notice :-)

30th Aug 2012, 15:37

We purchased our Pixo 18 months ago. Paid over £8000. I must have been nuts. It is nothing but trouble. I have lost count of the times it has been back to the dealers in Kent.

From day one, the horn did not work. Some PDI, three lots of engine mounts. At the 18000 mile service I was quoted £330. My Mazda MX5 costs half of that.

We moved to Cornwall, and now it has trouble starting. £75 for a battery. Where do they get these prices? Looks like it may be the starter motor.

A horrid car; over priced, and the build quality is a joke. Like a twit, I thought it was built in Japan. Can't wait to see the back of it.

If you are thinking of buying one, please don't.

18th Sep 2012, 05:13

Update to the bad starting; on both battery terminals, there are junctions of a poor standard. Remove all the wires from both terminals and clean them; the negative is the important one, as it can mean a bad earth. Check you have the radio code before removing the battery leads. Do this yourself to save the Nissan price of £86.