3rd Sep 2001, 03:40

Interesting comparison - eGT vs Golf-based V5. How do they compare? I know the output is the same at 150HP, although I'm sure the torque curve is very different. Do you find the eGT as relaxing? Does it handle better? Is it quicker? How does fuel economy compare? Also, what are the sound levels like in the two cars?

You never get these sort of comparisons in the magazines so real-world motoring feedback is very interesting...


16th Sep 2002, 12:50

The best decision I have made over the last three years was to buy my mate's 1993 Primera 2.0eGT. What a pleasure to drive!

I have had no real problems apart from the obvious wear and tear items such as brakes, tyres and exhaust. However, you must watch out for suspension problems particular on the front near side, such as ball joints, anti roll bar links and CV joints.

Also, since the clutch is not self adjusting make sure this is looked at when you service the car. I found this out to my cost since, I had to replace the clutch!

Mine has just passed 80,000 miles and apart from the odd rattle the ride is still as good as when I bought it with 38,000 miles.

I have found great pleasure 'showing up' a few GTI's, BMW's Vectras and Mondeos. Why nissan never put a 2.5 V6 or Turbo version has always bewildered me?

I am thinking of replacing springs, dampers and alloys with performance parts. I think 17" alloys would look very nice, but worried about its effect on handling and braking etc. I would be very interested to hear from anyone who has experience with this.


22nd Jan 2003, 15:28

First time on a site like this. I am finding it very helpful, I own a '96 SRI 1.6 but obviously I'm thinking of moving up. I would like to know if there is any mechanical difference between a 2.0 SRI and a 2.0eGT, could it be just a chip as on Audi TTs (180 - 225 bhp). My main concern is insurance costs, 4-5 groups between the two. By the way I am a Primera convert after years of Ford drudgery.

4th Apr 2003, 18:45

I have a '93 20egt which I have owned for the last 4 years. Rust around the rear wheel arches and the rear window seal was mentioned by someone earlier - I have exactly the same problems. I wonder if it's to do with the colour. My friend has a 1.6 Primera of the same vintage and his car is also suffering from the same symptoms. Both cars are metallic charcoal.

He said that he had replaced them with new alloys from BK racing. I replaced mine with a lovely set of wheels from BK racing (£545) and I have had nothing, but trouble since. All four wheels have deflated (suddenly and dangerously) at least twice with no punctures. I'm back to my original Nissan alloys. BK racing have not answered any of my emails.

22nd Dec 2009, 14:30

Hi, I will add my experience after running a 93 eGT for 2 years and a half, I can say it's a completely amazing package. From reliability to driving experience. Very good car. Would 100% recommend to those looking for one.