1993 Nissan Primera TE 2.0L petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Love my car


Very little. I've just had starter motor brushes replaced, & over the years, belts, air filters, brake pads, upper suspension arm, one door window regulator, rear sway bar regulators, CV boot. All simple maintenance really.

General Comments:

This is a girl's perspective. I've owned my Primera for 17 years. I bought it because I needed a car which could travel reasonable distances without too much driver stress. It needed to handle well on corners and have sufficient torque between 80 & 130KPH (to overtake on shorter straights). I wanted a sunroof (to let the heat out after it had been parked - and just because I love the openness of having a sunroof). I wanted it to look sexy and have a good sized boot for luggage. I also wanted fuel economy, driver safety and any little luxuries I could afford to make me feel spoiled.

OK, I'm a good owner and always get my oil changes, polish it, and keep it in garage when not in use. This car has been fabulous on all counts. I had a tow bar fitted before I picked it up. I get 34MPG 8.31L/100KM. I LOVE the herbs waiting there to use when I need to overtake, & the overdrive button is wonderful for slowing into corners or easing on gas use & I can still use the gears if needed. This car is great for open road driving & cornering.

I noted other reviews mentioning rust - no sign of rust with mine.

If I wanted to get niggly, it has a disappointing turning circle, the Recaro seats are a bit hard - I've solved this with feather cushions (stop laughing - comfort is a serious business!), the power steering gives very little road feel making for some hairy times trying to stick to a wet or icy road, stereo speakers it came with - just awful. Overall though I've not found anything under $55,000 I'd be willing to replace it with. I love my car.

Prior to this, I've owned a Lotus Elan, a Daimler, an Alpha Sud, a Toyota Corolla etc. This car has been my favourite all-rounder.

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Review Date: 21st August, 2015

1993 Nissan Primera "Inspiration" LX Spec Ed 1.6 from UK and Ireland


Not as good as the Bluebird it replaces


Gearbox, bearings failed.

Carburettor, internal fault.

Rust, extensive.

Front tyre wear heavy, tracking?

General Comments:

I was expecting a car as good as my old Bluebird, I was disappointed however, the Primera started rusting quite quickly and soon became a worry for the MOT. The gearbox, although fine initially started to make noises until eventually grinding to a complete halt soon after.

The Bluebird always felt really solid and strong, but the Primera felt as well put together as a Ford quite frankly, not too good!

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Review Date: 30th June, 2005

6th Jul 2006, 16:26

There's no way the carburettor had an internal fault. This year of Primera had fuel injection.

11th Dec 2008, 22:06

I would have to agree with the point about rusting, My 1999 Primera 2.0 Sport+ is showing signs of the dreaded rust now at 9 years old. It has started above both front wheel arches and also seems to be starting on the front suspension turrets inside the engine compartment. Also, on the latest MOT this month the tester pointed out moderate corrosion on the inner sills towards the rear of the car, and rust actually into holes around the sunroof drain hose outlets in the rear arches. I have also noticed rust breaking aout around the bootlid rubber seal under the back window (Saloon 4 door car). This rust is all treatable and not at the welding required stage yet, but left untreated I could see the car failing the MOT in the next couple of years requiring welding on the inner sills.

Also I had a 1997 Micra which rusted so badly underneath I had to scrap it this year at 11 years old as it required too much welding.

Nissans are reliable yes, but corrosion proof they are not - you MUST check the underside of your Nissan regularly and preferably treat it with Waxoyl undersealer. After all, in Japan, cars are only designed to last 7 years and in this country we keep our cars up to twice that age, so really, from 7 years on, it will always be an uphill battle against rust on a Nissan car, but they are worth it though.