1993 Nissan Primera SLX 1.6 petrol from UK and Ireland


Rear bulb blew, er that's it.

Previous service history showed alternator replacement in 1995 (known fault) and sunroof failure in 1996. Also rear exhaust pipe changed 1997.

General Comments:

Handles well, gives good fuel economy, engine revs like a dream - alas my only regret is not buying a 2 litre model. As someone used to owning and driving second hand Fords this car is a revelation. The engine oil colour hardly changes between services. The car still feels, looks and drives like new; yet it's over five years old. All the electrics work (and work every time).

So far in twelve months ownership I've bought two new front tyres for it and one bulb. Front pads will be due for a change soon and as long as I change them myself I'll be quids in. (Dealer front pad change = 75.00ukp or local brake specialist sells pads 14.00ukp + if required front girling discs @30.00ukp each =74.00ukp).

The only downside is the high dealer charges if something does need sorting, but with this level of reliability I'm not too worried!

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Review Date: 2nd May, 1999

5th Feb 2001, 17:48

Since this review the car has needed an outside CV joint replaced. Bought it myself and got a local garage to fit it for £20 quid. Also the (original) battery gave up the ghost.

More serious, the dreaded front toplinks were showing wear though still just good enough to pass the MOT. Foolishly I got a local Nissan (main dealer) mechanic (a friend of a relative) to change them as a hobble for £180. I thought I was getting the genuine parts trade and paying him £30-£40 quid labour - but the idiot used cheap pattern parts and charged me more in labour than Rolls Royce would have.

Within 2 months the front suspension was worse than if I'd left it alone plus the tracking was out. Eventually last December I bought the proper arms and fitted them myself. An expensive lesson if ever there was one.

So after three years it's:-

Battery, toplinks, CV joint and rear bulb. Not bad for a car now on 72,000 miles.

27th Sep 2002, 19:33

Update on car.

Alternators failed twice since original posting-fair play Halfords agreed free replacement despite their 1 yr warranty having over expired by 3 days - so only one £80.00 cost.

Radiator just changed due to water leak cost £100.00.-could have bodged it by why risk it.

Cars now on 89000miles -original clutch, original brake discs.-...HEAR THAT MR FORD...

Engine oil still barely changes colour between services.

24th Mar 2005, 19:10

Final report.


The car passed its MOT in Feb 2005, still on its original brake disks and catalyst - at 12 years old and 112000 miles. I had actually bought a spare set of front disks a few years ago in readiness - they were never needed!!!

In March 2005 I bought a 9 month old Honda Jazz - and got £500 part exchange on the old Primera. Not bad as she had a few dents etc and needed three tyres soon. She saw me right to the end, and in return I cleaned and polished her up spic and span.

Great car!!! And with still a few years cheap & reliable motoring left in her.

1993 Nissan Primera SLX 2.0 diesel from Belgium


Front suspension: noise problem, Nissan has replaced 6 left upper links and 4 right upper links and always without replacing the screws. Now I have still the noise with the left upper link. This link is defective and Nissan doesn't want to change it under warranty!!!! The problem of the upper links is known throughout the world.

General Comments:

The car is globally good but the after sales are not very serious.

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Review Date: 28th February, 1999

14th Jun 2001, 05:13

The noise of front left suspension is real... Also I always have this problem.