4th Nov 2005, 07:01

Just to comment from the previous message, I agree that the Primera over a distance will pass a Sprinter van with ease, purely because of higher top speed, however, for outright pulling power over a short distance the van literally left me behind - don't get me wrong I don't drive this thing 'softly' but with so little torque it is easy to be outdone. With regards to your friends GT he must drive its socks of to keep up with your E320.

4th Nov 2005, 12:42

I got a P10 GT and can say very nice car, i love it. i also agree about the lack of torque under 4000rpm.i also been left behind by a Ford Galaxy Tdi due to their low down torque.I've think about it and realise that if I had drop one gear, this would not happen, but too late now. Last week I was behind a Seat Leon tdi and this time I selected the right gear and no way he could leave me behind, i even got pass him, thanks to it high rev. This car will take lots of abuse and amazing handling,0-60 7.9sec calculated by performance meter and top at 138mph.

7th Nov 2005, 17:50

I have a standard GT and love it. Done 110k miles. Can be more fun than my 200sx. Wish they made something vaguely similar now...

16th Nov 2005, 10:55

Sounds like an absolute bargain for a W reg. I have to admit I thought the P11 shape finished in 1999, so it surprised me to see you have a 2000 W reg Primera. Anyway, going back to the performance side of things I would say that your edition produces the same bhp than the 'older' version although it probably has improved torque figure, which it so desperately needed. Make no mistake this is not a 'performance' car as a mark 3 Golf GTI 16v would wipe the floor with it... and a Sprinter van up a hill!!!

23rd Nov 2005, 13:32

I've got a Primera GT 94. I had no problem to beat a Golf mk3 GTI. In fact, not many can keep up around corners in its class. The top speed is 137mph according to Parkers, and 0-60 in 8.2 seconds for the P10 model. Max speed in each gear: 2nd = 62, 3rd = 100, 4th = 125, 5th = around 138mph.

To the above comment, I think the driver in the Golf was better than you, not the car.

24th Nov 2005, 06:28

I think the P10 Primera is a faster and more agile car than the P11, so I would agree that a well driven mark 3 Golf GTI 16v can indeed beat a P11 Primera. I have a P11 and also agree with previous comments about the lack of performance, so I am now on the look out for a P10 Primera. To the above comment, I think you misunderstood what they said. I don't think he was any less of a driver than the person in the Golf because they said they kept up in the bends, it was on the straight where they were left behind.

27th Nov 2005, 14:02

Just an update on the GT. Unfortunately the starter motor did give up the ghost. I had to bump start it to get it going. Looking around to see how much a replacement was and the news is not good. Nissan dealer wanted £290 plus fitting! Eventually found one for £110 and is presently being fitted. Anyway, I was given a Mondeo TDCI 115 as a courtesy car and although it has 35 bhp less it felt so much quicker than the GT. Agreed, the GT has a higher top end, but in the real world the Mondeo would leave it standing. Might just be thinking about selling the GT, don't know, any opinions would be appreciated.

12th Dec 2005, 10:35

I have a 97 GT and find the performance frustrating because you have to always keep it above 4000rpm. Consequently you will get left behind by many other cars in this sector, including many diesels. By the time it gets over 4000rpm you are left in the dust of other cars overtaking you. Still, its reliable.

26th Mar 2006, 08:55

Sprinter vans are rapid, but didn't keep up with my P10 EGT. This car is all about how you drive it.

30th Mar 2006, 13:15

I am thinkin about gettin a GT for about a grand later on.. So what year would be the best to get?Also what to look out for? would be much appreciated :)

13th Jul 2006, 12:22

I've got a 1998 Nissan Primera 2.0 gt and my power starts at 3700 rpm like a turbo. The engine changes from economy to speed of lighting. I got a 145mph out of mine at 7000rpm no problem. I beat an BMW M3 and 2 Hyundai Coupes. It's got 96k on clock, full service history, and it goes like stink.

22nd Aug 2006, 18:35

I have a standard 93 P10 2.0 SLX. It's been garaged all its life until last year (near mint).

My only addition to the car is a set of Wolf Race alloys; only 15", as I don't trust myself with a bigger size, due to high kerbs.

It's an excellent all rounder; comfortable, handles really well, good performance and good looking. I cruised at top speed for a good half hour at 127? The book says top speed 115?

Anyway, lately I've had problems with over heating in normal traffic and daily use. The water pump and thermostat has been replaced, yet I'm still having problems. Earlier today I noticed on testing the engine, that the radiator cap was leaking quite bad, so I'll get a new one, but can anyone tell me if that could be a main factor of the problems I'm having?

With reference to an earlier comment, I have beaten a mk3 Golf GTi up a hill, but could not beat a new Micra SE???

23rd Aug 2006, 13:48

A leaking Radiator Cap will cause water to boil earlier, so yes it may be affecting your engine and causing it to overheat.

24th Aug 2006, 18:03


(93slx) The new radiator cap is now on and it has improved, but still seems a little loose and not tight fitting like the old one and the expansion tank still bubbles like mad, but at least it is not over heating like before, I still think there is a blockage in the radiator which I will get pressure tested.

The idle speed is a little low on ignition, but soon gets up to about 8+ which is correct, but inconsistent so I changed the spark plugs, but it's still happening so I think I need to check the timing as it could be a little out?

Theories and comments welcome...

2nd Sep 2006, 03:38

I beat 150mph with my GT on Croatian highway... behind the 400HP BMW M5...:o) ) )

13th Sep 2006, 13:08

I have to agree with your diesel comments, my Transit with the 2 litre "Duratorq" turbo diesel engine kicks ass, it will give any petrol family car a run for it's money pulling away from the lights!

4th Oct 2006, 11:05

I have a Primera P11 GT.

With regards to diesels being faster. I had a new shape Renault Laguna Turbo Diesel for a week and I would have sworn it was faster than my GT.

I measured the acceleration of the Laguna before I took it back and compared it to the Primera.

The Laguna only reached 60 whereas the Primera got up to 70mph over the same distance.

New diesels seem fast, but the extra gearchages eat into the acceleration badly.