7th Aug 2008, 09:43

Hello all,

I bought a "T" plate p11GT in black 6 months ago, with 100k on the clock, for a little over 1k.

It also has leather interior, with comfy front half bucket seats.

Reading the previous comments I would agree that the motor is very nice to look at, and the handling is fantastic. There are not many 5 door cars (in the non turbo 2 liter cat) that will keep up with you on the twisties, but I guess it helps if you have got half an idea of how to throw her in, and when to back off!!!

I've done 7k hard miles in mine, and she's getting looser.

You will shell out on brakes, tyres, and the usual wear and tear items, which is expected. However around the 100k mark normally the CV's and wheel bearings will need replacing, which are not cheap if you are buying them new.

Overall it is a cracking car, and I should imagine 160k would be no problem for it. I plan on keeping mine till she blows.

As far as mods go, I've stuck a K n N 57i air induction kit on, and sent it to be chipped. The filter was £70, and the chip was £300. I can now say that she does not hang about, not that she was slow in the first place. I suggest that if Sprinter vans are having you off, either the motor is goosed, or you are too scared to open the thing up past 5k.

The engine is designed to be used at a higher rev range, keep her over 4.7 and you should not have any problems.

Off the line I've found the GT to be quite rappid, as it hitts 42 ish in first and 62 in second, 93 in 3rd, 118 in 4th with 0-60 on mine is now around the 7 mark.

Top speed... well I've seen off the clock. Well it was down a slight hill, and she takes some time to get there, but on striaght roads 140 (In Germany of course) is possible. Well worth spending cash on me thinks.

You can also get more power out of her if you stick a bypass pipe on the cat. I should imagine that after chipping it, bypass the cat, and stick an induction kit on she will hit around 170bhp.

Im well chuffed with mine. For the cash you cannot go wrong. If things like mk3 golfs are leaving you, then it would seem that they are not standard, not many cars on the road are, these days. My old man has got an A4 TD which is not slow, and in a drag, mine kills it! allthough the A4 has got bags more torque. just keep the revs up, it will be OK!

At the end of the day the GT is a family car, don't expect it to plaster you to the seat. But For the cash, goood fun.

I recon its about the same as a Focus ST170 on the straight, but better at corners than the Focus.

I do no before you all start going on, my best mate has got one, I've driven it, and if there is any difference, its not worth mentioning.

Hope this helps.

14th Aug 2008, 08:41

I've owned many Primeras, ranging from 1.6, right through to highly modified turbo, and can't fault them, so much fun!

For the best information and advice, I can heartily recommend the tech forums over at:


The information over there is absolutely second to none, and the guys running the club know everything about these cars!

Happy browsing and driving!!

31st Dec 2009, 15:17

I have to agree with most of the comments above, the Primera GT is a very good car. I am on my third now and can't really fault them. I paid £695 for my 99T Limited Edition GT in Nordic Blue about 4 months ago. Great handling, roomy, practical and pretty quick even below 4k revs. I would highly recommend one.

29th Apr 2010, 06:44

Sprinter vans are fast for vans, but no match for a car; any car that is LOL.

6th Jan 2012, 18:46

Replace the idler arms at the top front suspension.