2015 Nissan Qashqai Tekna Dci Auto 1.6 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Not a user friendly car around town and not a happy chappie at all


The accelerator is too sensitive at low mileage e.g. about 15/20 mph. Very jerky and unpredictable. You never know when you're going to get a response, and the car may take off like a rabbit or just a crawl. Highly dangerous at roundabouts and junctions. The dealer has checked it on the computer and nothing shows up, so consequently they will do nothing. 3 times actually I have mentioned this issue and no satisfaction at any time. This is my 4th automatic car, over the past 15 years, so I know what I am talking about. I don't recommend this car to purchase, as driving it is so stressful. This is a £28,000 car, and for that money you would expect a superb car, but sadly this is not a good car. I'll have to keep it for some time yet as I would lose too much money to change it now, but I will at the first opportunity. As of now, I much prefer to drive my wife's 10 year old Nissan Note.

General Comments:

Good to drive when you get up to around 50/60 mph. Economical enough for an automatic. Road noise is very excessive for a car with this price ticket.

Lovely car to look at. Good driving position.

Floor mats supplied with car are so cheap and nasty looking.

Lights are very low, but cannot be adjusted as all this is automatic. Automatic wipers are not fit for purpose either as intermittent does not wipe often enough in a light shower and I have to go to the constant position.

Great brakes.

Finished off very cheaply with various bits and pieces, for e.g. the radio, speedometer and rev counter covers are covered with some kind of cheap perspex. Should be glass. First time I cleaned them with a cloth they became scratched. Never saw perspex used here before.

Very comprehensive computer system for various functions, but I only hope it keeps working as I can only imagine a breakdown here would be catastrophic.

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Review Date: 31st August, 2016

1st Oct 2016, 23:20

Just had a Juke auto on loan - that was similar - almost undriveable - at low speed it was either "dead" or it took off like I was going Back to the Future!!! Mad!!!

2014 Nissan Qashqai Tekna 1.6 turbo diesel 4x4 from Cyprus


For the price of the car it is terrible


The car inside is made of hard plastic, making it feel as if you were driving your child's Fisher Price pedal car.

Lot's of rattling noise from the trim on bumpy roads.

General Comments:

The Qashqai, for the price of the car, it is terrible. If you're used to opening and closing the windows in your solidly built car, with the door trim staying in one place, get ready for the door trim moving about in a Qashqai when the window comes to its stop point due to the metal structure behind being of such a weak construction.

Paintwork is cheap too, marks easily and is uneven on bumpers.

Colours on the plastic are slightly different than the metal.

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Review Date: 9th August, 2016

2009 Nissan Qashqai Vista 1.6 petrol from Norway


A break down away


Clutch problems, door hinges, shock absorber and the list goes on.

Rust in tailgate.

Rear windows do not work.

Driving lights need replacing, and water in back tail lights

General Comments:

I was so pleased with the car when the dealership delivered it; very low kilometers and full service history. I never drive the car in town, yet the clutch shudders, and the entire car shudders if the car is not warmed up. I take care of my cars and this car is nothing but work.

I have never had a car with such low kilometers fall apart so quickly. I found forums that relate to the large and small repairs. It seems clutch, shockers and electronic problems are "normal" for this car. The biggest appointment is the rust. The tailgate needs to be removed to fix it. Dealership said it should have never have had such deep rust for a spotless car!

Every day it seems that I hate the car more and more. The worst thing is I can't sell due to the long list of things to do. I fell in love with the glass roof and fantastic specs, but all that gloss hid a poorly built car. I owned a Honda HR-V for years and drove over 250000 klm; never had a day of trouble. Never will I buy a Nissan again!

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Review Date: 14th March, 2016