2004 Nissan Quest from North America


I would never buy another Nissan


Sunroof will not close.

Waterline to wash the back windows was split and water would drip onto front passenger.

Back power button to close the rear hatch fell into the body of the car.

Front doors will lock & unlock by themselves constantly while driving, sometimes for hours.

Front windows will open by themselves at random. (Car is turned off).

Car is very loud and lots of vibration at lower speeds.

Air Conditioning fan was very loud. The fan was replaced.

General Comments:

The car has a nice interior, but there are too many things that have gone wrong - and are still not fixed.

I have been to the Dealer getting things "fixed" almost every month. Sometimes twice a month.

(I bought this car new, and have had it less than a year.)

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Review Date: 14th October, 2005

6th Dec 2005, 08:13

The passenger side front door on our '04 Quest SL does not strike properly, mostly in the summer time (?). It sort of comes and goes.

The front suspension is making some clunking noises, so it will be going in for service soon. I'll see what they say about the door.

2004 Nissan Quest V6 from North America


Excellent van for family!


Sliding side doors do not fully latch if van is shifted into reverse as door is closing (known defect, subject to recall). The recall work did not fix the problem, however.

There is a clunking sound from the rear, heard only when the rear seat is folded down. This is likely innocuous, but is slightly annoying.

The front DVD screen vibrates--attachment to ceiling vibrates with road vibration. Not actually noticeable to viewers, interestingly.

One skylight leaked water when the car went through a high-pressure car wash.

General Comments:

Rather good acceleration for a van.

Skylights and moon/sunroof nice.

Good sound system, DVD system, navigation system (although DVD controls hard to use to start/stop movie).

Soundproofing good.

Many electronic tweaks and features are nice.

The driver's seat right arm rest is not adjustable, and is mounted too low for comfort.

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Review Date: 17th April, 2005

2004 Nissan Quest SL 3.5L from North America


Great van, but get the bugs worked out of the 4sp transmission!


1. Sliding door hardware (Recall) 8k

2. Transmission Control Module (Recall) 13.5k

3. New transmission 13.8k.

TCM was replaced due to starting in 3rd gear and no reverse on occasion.

The first transmission also slipped out of first and popped into 2nd. Second transmission now slipps put of first and slams into second. I guess the industry term is 'flair'. This occurs when warm and under medium acceleration from a stop.

Anyone else notice transmission flair?

General Comments:

Other than the transmission, the van has been great. Great engine (the 3.5L make this thing a rocket-sled). Great interior. Great room... and decent fuel MPG.

One the bright side, Nissan considerably extended the Bumper To Bumper warranty on the '04 models. If you find a new, left-over, you should be able to get a good deal and a great warranty.

More 'conventional' seat shapes, less wind noise at 75mph, and a quieter air-conditioning blower would be nice, tough.

Oh yea, the Goodyear tires are an odd size (only Goodyear makes them in the 2 Quest' sizes) and they tend to shake, regardless of tire balance.

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Review Date: 14th March, 2005

27th Mar 2005, 19:28

I just wanted to state that you are not alone in this feeling with the Quest Van. I am a Nissan Service advisor and my mother owns a 2004 Quest SE and I can tell you first-hand that her's has been in the shop more than once for squeaks, rattles, transmission ECM and many more. On a daily basis I receive calls from upset Quest owners with the same complaints.

I wish I could help, but sometimes my hands are tied if we cannot duplicate the problem in the shop.

I can say though, be patient, every Nissan Service Department is working to make each and every Nissan what it should be when there's a problem.