1996 Nissan QX SE 2.0 V6 24 Valve from UK and Ireland


A powerful comfy Beast


The spark plugs have messed up a few times, but otherwise all OK.

The electronic lead suppling the power to the spark plugs have been repaired twice.

General Comments:

This car is really comfortable. The power under the bonnet is immense and it gives out a lot of torque. I find the handling excellent and the overdrive on it is class. Plus the sport button is nippy and there is a snow button which controls the revs so snow is no problem. My Mazda 323f failed terribly on the snow whilst the Nisan had no problem. Even though it is only a 2.0 it guzzles the petrol badly. Bu the V6 24V engine is great and it's my favorite car of its price. I once pulled up at the lights next to a Ford Scorpio and I cleared it no problem with the overdrive and the sport button. This car rules!!!

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Review Date: 11th November, 2002

24th Jun 2003, 08:39

The QX is a fairly heavy car, and with a 2 litre engine that only puts out around 145 BHP, I cannot imagine this car being fast, especially burdened with a automatic transmission. I remember seeing that the 0-60 time for this car is roughly 14 seconds. Hardly quick.

14th May 2005, 11:30

My dad drives this, and a Subaru Impretza tried to overtake, admitadly it may have only been a 2.0, but he pushed the sport and overdrive button on, and it left the scooby way behind. Plus it's 0-60 time is around 8-9 seconds unmodified, so if you haven't driven one you should shut your face like.

24th Apr 2019, 23:04

Not possible. Do some research; the 2.0 litre does 0 to 60 in 13 secs. The car is a little slow; 145bhp to move a heavy car.

The poster is mistaken; maybe it's the 3.0 he is thinking of.

1996 Nissan QX SEL 3.0 24 valve petrol from UK and Ireland


A very underrated executive car bargain!


The car has been exceptionally reliable. The only thing that has required attention since I bought it is a new rear brake caliper and brake pads.

General Comments:

It is very comfortable and spacious with both front and rear occupants having plenty of room.

The ride and handling, I think, is on the whole excellent. It is surefooted and quite agile for such a big car. The car corners very well and inspires confidence. The only (very minor) quibble is the ride can be slightly jiggly on poor surfaces. On the motorway though the car comes into its own. It is very quiet, rides very nicely and due to the high gearing with the overdrive (approx 30 mph per 1000 revs) it makes a very relaxed mile eating cruiser.

Performance does not disappoint either with a good turn of speed available from the 3.0 24 valve engine when required. The engine is seriously smooth too with very little or no vibration coming through to the interior. It sounds nice too, muted but smooth and sporty.

The car is very well put together with a very good panel fit all around. Paintwork too is very good with no flaws or "orange peel" effect. The interior too is of a very good quality, the black leather of my car is of a high quality showing little signs of wear. Some small parts of the interior such as the fastener for the centre box between the front seats are not so good, although this is only a very minor quibble.

Equipment is excellent too, with electric seats, mirrors, windows, sunroof. Airconditioning is also fitted along with cruise control, overdrive, multi-disc CD player, leather trim, alloy wheels, alarm, immobilizer, remote central locking, remote boot release, etc etc.

Running this big car doesn't break the bank either! Considering the size of the car, a fuel consumption of 40+ mpg on a long motorway run at 70 is very good. Around town a figure somewhere in the low to mid 20's can be expected. Insurance is group 14, which again for a car of this size and power, is really quite good.

The Nissan QX has been a pleasure to own and drive. It has also been totally reliable too. I hope to own this car for a very long time yet, but if I did replace it, it would be with another QX, possibly the later Maxima QX.

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Review Date: 30th August, 2002

29th May 2004, 11:34

I have followed the cars since 1994 and have just bought a 1999 2.0 SE. My previous car is a 1988 Laurel bought 5 years ago (Looking for an owner with time and TLC) The Qx is brilliant. Now looking for a 3lt, but is there a lot of difference?