30th Jul 2004, 19:34

I have been in a 2 litre QX, they are as quiet and smooth as the 3 litre SEL I own. I think the equipment in the later 2.0 SE you own is very similar... The 3 litre SEL has Climate control, electric heated leather seats, cruise control etc etc as standard. Fuel consumption is not too much different to the smaller engined car. As I said in the original review, on a long journey..40+ mpg can be achieved!! The difference between the 2 and 3 litre is obviously the performance. While the 150 bhp 2.0 is no slouch, the 3.0 is a very quick car with an extra 43 bhp and more torque!! Both great cars in my view.

Since my original review here... guess what? Nothing has gone wrong with the car.. at all! It remains totally reliable, comfortable, never loses any oil, coolant etc. Still looks as good, no rattles or squeaks at all, no rust. Fabulous car!!

7th Sep 2004, 08:35

I love to read this about the QX/Cefiro. I have ascertained that (1) the Brit motoring press hate, hate, hate this car (2) the public believe them and they are dirt cheap for what you get. I've never understood the motoring press here-they have a reall bee in their bonnet about Japanese cars and must hate the fact that this Nissan is a better built car than anything out of Europe. If they had a day in the Nissan Gloria they would be crying. I have a feeling that Euro Nissan cars will change as Renault has more influence. Already the Primera is looking decidedly French and I fear that they will bring the French awful build quality and looks to Nissan.

28th Dec 2016, 20:54

Does the 3.0 litre Nissan QX (Maxima) really do 40+ MPG on a long run at 70mph? That's amazing.