2010 Nissan Rogue Base from North America


Good SUV for the money, with poor visibility around



General Comments:


- Acceleration is good enough.

- Handles well.

- Good front seats.

- Good rear room.

- Very cheap and efficient little SUV.


- Bad rear and side visibility when driving, hard to change lanes.

- Fuel consumption is higher than announced (2WD).


- The engine is somehow 'spirited'. If you like a touch of sportiness, you will enjoy it, but if you like things to be quiet all day long, the engine is quite noisy under hard acceleration.

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Review Date: 1st November, 2013

2008 Nissan Rogue SL Premium 2.4 from North America


Excellent vehicle choice overall


Shaking in rear end when braking at 50,000 km. Rear rotors required machining.

Pulsation in front when braking at 72,000. Rotors and pads replaced.

Shaking in rear end when braking at 105,000 km. Rear rotors replaced.

Seems like a lot of braking issues for a woman driver who is not hard on her vehicle, and most of the mileage is hwy.

Regular maintenance only otherwise.

General Comments:

Vehicle is adequately powered for the average driver.

AWD is excellent in the snow and rain.

CVT takes getting used to for loudness and driveability.

The weatherstrip on the bottom of the door is made from plastic instead of rubber, and catches and traps dirt in it from winter driving. This caused the paint under it to get severely scratched. The dealer repaired this for free at 45,000 km. Nissan does not offer any assistance that I know of for this. I put a strip of 3M invisible bra where it rubs, and no more problems.

Driving position is comfortable, and visibility is excellent.

Rear visibility is terrible.

All controls are easy to use. Everything works very well with the exception of the rear wiper, which is always streaky, even when newly replaced.

No noises, no squeaks, no issues. The vehicle runs and drives as it did the first day.

We do not track fuel consumption, but it seems to be fairly good for a vehicle of this size.

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Review Date: 21st February, 2011

14th Jan 2012, 14:36

I know cars, and literally just started working for a chumpy Nissan dealer. I'll tell you right now that your brake issue has nothing to do with factory rotors or mechanical defects. Your driving habits are likely responsible. I'd assume with such heavy and abrupt braking, that you'd also run your car pretty hard, so I am happy to hear that the vehicle holds up well. I will use that as a key selling point.

Hard braking causes valleys in the otherwise perfectly straight rotor.

2009 Nissan Rogue S FWD 2.5 from North America


Really cool and comfortable drive


Fuse, which I think I used tire inflator, so maybe it took more amps than it can bear.

General Comments:

I think they did good job, except the rear view while reversing is not good, which can be fixed by adding a rear view camera to it.

Have little space in truck, which can be increased by moving the tire outside or beneath the car somewhere.

Nice to have an auxillary port, but if I could get blue-tooth or MP3 in the standard radio, then it would be awesome.

I really love this car as whole.

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Review Date: 6th December, 2010

1st Oct 2011, 18:17

I have a 2011 Rogue, and the only complaint is when the road is wet or it's raining, the spray in the wheel wells sounds like the window is open or the hatch with how loud it is. On the test drive, we actually got out to check to make sure the rear hatch was closed. We went with this as it had options the Honda CRV did not. Intelligent key, keyless starting, and softer seats with a center console. The USB and iPod port could be better located. Great car though, I like it.

24th Dec 2011, 00:27

We did the same thing on the test drive; checked to see if the hatch was closed.

The spray in the wheel wells is the only downfall.

The navigation system rocks. First time it tried to get me on a dirt road, I did not trust it and took a long cut. Second time, I took the dirt road and got where I was going a lot faster.

1st Nov 2013, 19:04

You can get rid of the wheel wells noise by opening the wheel fender and adding some sound insulating material.