19th Dec 2008, 11:32

I just returned to the dealer a recently bought (new) Rogue because the cabin noise was unbearable to me. The motor noise was especially annoying after 45 MPH and that is not what I describe as a pleasant drive.

2nd Jan 2009, 01:08

I haven't found the cabin noise to be an issue at all. A relative of mine with a Nissan Altima was pleasantly surprised by how quiet it was. I would say there is a personal preference here, but definitely recommend that someone who might be sensitive to that take it for a long enough test drive to be sure.

11th Mar 2009, 14:09

Overall I love my 2008 Nissan Rogue.

The noise that happens when I am on the highway is unbearable! I took it in to the dealership and was informed it is the roof rack making the noise, the company was aware of the design flaw, and they are not planning on issuing a recall or offering a fix of any kind.

I find that unacceptable, and the noise is very, very annoying! If noise of any kind bothers you, do not buy this car, or any other Nissan for that matter. It is a terrible company that has no customer service!

15th May 2009, 07:50

I have two major problems with the Rogue.

First, there is a stalling problem. The car suddenly starts revving, the RPM goes up to 6000 only at 30 mph and I cannot accelerate. I had to park the car and take it to the dealer later that day. When I drove to the dealer there was no problem. They could not find anything wrong with the car. They asked me to take it right over the next time the problem occurs. The second time I experienced the problem I did as recommended. I used my cell phone to take pictures of the RPM and mileage meters. However, when I got there, I was told no one can look at the car at that time, so why ask me to bring it right over? Again they could not find anything wrong. I got to work two hours late that day.

The second problem is with the roof rack. A part of the rack at one end came off, it now looks ugly. When I took it to the dealer, a second part came off at the other end while they were working on the car. They claimed someone was trying to steal the rack and that's why it is falling apart. There is no evidence of other damages as of result of attempted theft. They did not fix the rack.

16th May 2010, 01:25

I am the one who submitted the review. I just wanted to report no problems as of yet. I changed the tires and the annoying noise was gone, only to discover the roof rack noise LOL! As stated earlier, it will be a recall and they will fix the problem, at least that is what I was told. The tire noise was much worse.

About the engine being loud, I found it quite tolerable unless I use a heavy foot. If I drive normal speed the cabin is very quiet; well it will be once the roof rack problem is fixed LOL, but it is not that bad and I could live with it no problem if I had too. Still love the vehicle, when I get a chance to drive it.


16th Aug 2010, 11:42

I like this car's styling, especially the Krom edition. However, I've been told and kind of seen it as a bit more of a "women's" car... but I can see that's not really the case. Thanks for showing me that Tom!

12th Jun 2011, 18:36

I just purchased a 2008 Rogue and have noticed a humming noise coming from the rear end when I am at 55 to 60 MPH. I do not know if this is from the CVT or not? Does any one know about this noise and what it could be? Once I am over 60 MPH it seems to go away again.

25th Jul 2011, 05:29

I have the same problem, humming noise at 55-65 mph. Any solution?

12th Dec 2012, 22:52

The humming noise is most likely the CVT transmission in conjunction with low RPM levels. It seems the CVT is in a low gear, with the RPM being too low for that specific range, and this causes the noise. It's almost like when you drive a standard vehicle and you go into third gear when you should be in second. It's basically vibrations that cause the noise. Unfortunately it probably is just on the verge of being out of optimal range, so I believe it would be hard to convince Nissan of the problem. The best thing to do is take the mechanic on a drive with you so that you can point out the noise. Without you in the car, the mechanic will most likely say everything is fine. I have noticed this in my own Rogue, but fortunately it only happens in certain circumstances, and when it does, it is not too bad, so I just live with it. That said, in my case it's not too severe, and I think this is one drawback of the CVT transmission that is not mentioned often. I hope this helps.

One other thing I would like to mention on a different subject, is that I am the one who wrote the review, and have not had one problem since I purchased my Rogue, with the exception of the alternator. I now have 80 000 km on her! I must have been born with a silver spoon up my tail pipe, but I do believe Nissan makes excellent vehicles.

1st Nov 2013, 18:57

Two possibilities.

Low quality tires.

Wheel bearing. A wheel bearing can go wrong, especially when you hit a pothole.

The CVT transmission doesn't make a humming noise.

21st Jan 2017, 03:09

I agree with almost all the original review. I do not think for a moment that the Rogue has a sporty feeling drive. In fact driving feels a little bit jumpy. It still feels like an economic car. As with the comparison with the Ford V6 cylinder engine, there is just simply no comparison between the two cars. The Ford engine is a beast both in terms of sound and power, while the Rogue engine sounds rough and uninspiring, while not having even half the power of the Ford V6 cylinder. So a bit of a too enthusiastic review, but still the Rogue has its quality, and for the price it's a good buy.

7th Oct 2018, 10:53

So it would help if you said what tires you had and the replacements ?