2002 Nissan Sentra SE-R 2.5L QR25 from North America


Decent car. Will never buy a brand new car ever again though!


- Crank position sensor

- Throttle positions sensor/actuator

- Transmission grinds from 2nd to 3rd

- Intermittent stalling/power loss

- Mass airflow sensor

- Pre-cat replaced

- New/refurbished motor (piston misfired)

- Limp mode

- Computer

General Comments:

Well like everyone else who has posted here, my issue's have been the same with this car. It's now 8 years old, and once I decide to buy something new, I will keep this as a winter beater.

I've had all the above list replaced at least once for sure.

Engine changed at 117,000km/72,700 miles, after hearing a rattle in my exhaust, which happened to be the honey comb pre/catalytic filter in my exhaust pipe. After asking Nissan to replace under warranty just the pre/cat, they didn't and charged me $150cdn for diagnostic. The next day after work, my car jerked on me and I saw black smoke coming from tail pipe, and a flashing service engine soon light. It turns out one of my pistons was now misfiring not even 24hrs after they told me my car was fine. So they replaced motor and cat under warranty.

Starting issues, having to crank 2 or 3 times to start the car. I find if you turn the key to the on position and wait for the 4 beeps to finish, the car tends to start first crank almost every time.

Been to Nissan countless times for this car. Got almost everything replaced under warranty.

The only thing I replaced out of warranty was throttle position sensor after having "limp mode" issues; the car just died on me. That didn't fix the problem, so I changed the computer, and problem fixed.

I change my oil every 4000km/2500 miles; never had low oil issues ever. And I only use premium gasoline (91 grade or better) as lower grades tend to create issues and slower throttle response.

I am now at 185,000km/115,000 miles, and the car's been running great other than regular maintenance, and wear and tear.

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Review Date: 26th July, 2010

2002 Nissan Sentra SeR Spec V 2.5L qr25de from North America


I don't need a sentence, all I need is one word - JUNK!


Everything electrical has gone wrong with this car. I have had the ECU, throttle body, fuel injector and accelerator pedal replaced, and the problem still persists. It goes into limp mode and has almost caused me to crash on several occasions! (Try going 40 kph on the 401!)

The problem has not gone away after being at a NISSAN dealer at least SEVEN (yes I said seven) times in the past month. Apparently there is a gremlin in the car, and Nissan Canada basically tells me no warranty, get lost.

So I have told everyone about the nightmare Sentra, and have advised people to STAY AWAY from these cars. They run good when they decide to run.

This is the first and last Nissan I will ever own.

General Comments:

Fun to drive has a mind of it's own wouldn't wish it upon my worst enemy.

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Review Date: 30th March, 2010

2002 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8L from North America


Fun and reliable vehicle. A+


Very few problems. Oil dipstick tube broke off - cheap fix.

Valve cover is weeping oil at 140k. Weeps/burns about 1/4 quart of oil every 3k.

Needs struts at 130k.

General Comments:

My Sentra is a great car. I drive 40k a year and this thing never gives me a problem.

I get 34 mpg - not quite as good as a Civic or Corolla, but pretty darn good.

5-speed is fun to drive. Transmission and clutch are smooth.

Back seat is kind of small.

This car is kind of quick and fun to drive for an economy car. But when you load it up with people and gear, you can feel it and it's no longer fun to drive. But I'm usually alone, so I love it.

Very reliable, very few issues with the car. Aside from oil and other reasonable upkeep from wear and tear, I can honestly say I've put almost no money into this car. At this rate, I expect it to last a lot longer, since it runs perfectly now.

I need this car to reach 200k, and I'm confident that it can do it.

Great in the snow with snow tires.

Interior is pretty cheap, but that should be expected from a cheap car. It's still comfortable.

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Review Date: 8th March, 2010