2nd Mar 2002, 23:10

I just purchased my 1992 Nissan Sentra GXE about 3-4 months ago for 1800, I think I got ripped, but I love the car. Except when I bought it, it had 155,000 on it, but you know what, it runs beautifully. I love the sporty look of it with the spoiler, and I have a sun roof which I love to open. It had a fender bender when I bought it, and water was leaking in, but I fixed it as soon as I found out. Otherwise I love it and hope to drive it to the ground at 300,000.

Hopefully. :-)

25th Jul 2002, 00:15

That has to be the first story of a faulty Sentra (to that extent) where it seemed to be falling apart. I think you just have gotten a bad egg, but, I also think you have gotten your money's worth.

9th Aug 2002, 13:49

I bought my Nissan Sentra GXE new and within the first year the alternator went and was replaced under warranty. Last year it went again and I had to have it replaced while away on vacation. Now just 12 months later I again have to have it replaced. It only has 48,000 and it just seems totally unacceptable to me. The Nissan dealership is no help at all. It doesn't even keep records for more than two years and has no idea of the history of this car. I will never purchase another Nissan!

30th Sep 2002, 12:57

One point of correction to you: The '92 Sentra GXE is equipped with the GA16DE engine, and that's DOHC, *not* SOHC. This is a 16 valve engine that has *dual* overhead cams.

15th Jun 2004, 15:07

"This car is loaded with every available convenience/comfort option, and most of them have held up better than I would have expected from most European or American cars I've had experience with."

The car is not European NOR American, she's Japanese :-)

18th Sep 2004, 10:23

I Had a 92 Nissan Sentra E what a piece, water pump went out when I got it also had to put in a new cam shaft, new tires, drive shaft and front axle, NO heat at all blower motor went out. I Will NEVER buy an another older Nissan worse car I've ever been in or driving and. it ONLY got 13.7 miles per gallon. The car was bad when I got it, but Nissan just go down hill as they age.

4th Jun 2006, 00:35

Please don't rate his review as poor just because you don't agree with his comments. The review is not to debate weather or not you agree with what he is saying. You are rating how well it was written.

Every manufacturer has good and bad cars.

Completely biased voting FTL.

4th Jun 2006, 06:58

We had a Sentra the first year they came out and it lasted over 270,000 miles without problems... what was the problem was when my mom decided to drive it into a pole head on... but it drove back to our house from the parking lot where she hit the pole. it drove without a problem which is amazing considering the engine was completely pushed back into the firewall and the radiator was blown to kingdom come. Great little cars... the only foreign car I would buy (that is Nissan's...)

4th Jun 2006, 16:58

Tell your missus to ask for a test drive next time (before she blows all your money on something you don't like).

20th Jan 2010, 02:45

I have a 1992 Nissan Sentra GXE. I haven't had any problems with it, except the alternator once, the fly wheel once, and now it's the manual 5 speed tranny, and I have been looking for a cheap tranny for it, but apparently it's a Canadian model of the GXE, and a new tranny for it is like 1500 bucks.

I have had the car for 4 years, and it now has 250,000 miles on it, and the motor still runs good. Just like it would if it was new again.