1992 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.6L SOHC 16V 4-cyl petrol from North America


Driver's power windows and door locks started working only intermittently at 110K miles; two of the 13" alloy wheels can't seem to hold air pressure, no matter what tires are on there; trunk key lock ceased working around 60K miles, so we have to use the remote lever to open the trunk; power sunroof motor/cable slips intermittently, so we have to "help" it open or close.

This car is loaded with every available convenience/comfort option, and most of them have held up better than I would have expected from most European or American cars I've had experience with.

The normal wear-and-tear parts (brakes, pads, belts, wipers, etc.), however, seem to last LESS time than I think they should. They don't seem to be engineered as stoutly as on most European or American cars I've had experience with.

On the other hand, we do regular oil and filter changes, but very little other "routine scheduled maintenance," and this hasn't been a problem (the car has never left us stranded anywhere).

General Comments:

This was my wife's first new car, and she chose what to buy and how it should be equipped. At the time, I said "it's going to be your car, honey, you choose it." I just wanted her to get a nice reliable 4-door Japanese car.

Unfortunately, I wasn't thinking that eventually, when we have kids, the husband seems to inevitably end up driving the wife's old hand-me-down car, so she can cart the family around in a new larger, safer minivan, wagon or SUV. Lesson learned -- too late.

She chose the upscale GXE model, with every comfort and convenience option available. Nice. She chose bright candy apple red paint, which with the cute little rear deck spoiler and silver alloy wheels, makes the car look fittingly "cute." Also nice.

All that really doesn't bother me. What burns me every single day I drive this car is that she chose an automatic transmission.

The SOHC 16V 1.6L 4-cyl is no torque monster to start with. But to load it down with an economy-oriented slushbox, and you have killed any hope of this thing ever getting out of its own way.

It can't travel up hills with the air conditioning on, and maintain highway speeds. It just slowly loses forward momentum as we proceed up the hills.

If I turn off overdrive, the engine revs higher, but it doesn't go any faster. I have to actually turn off the the air conditioning until we get to the top.

This wouldn't be such a discomfort, except that we can't open the windows or the sunroof (my wife has allergies) while the air conditioning is not on.

You also might wonder then, why even having a sunroof was important. I wonder too. Especially when we traded off ABS brakes for it (apparently, the Sentra's electrical system doesn't have enough channels for the ABS brakes AND power windows/locks/mirrors AND the power sunroof).

Oh, and the useless brakes. They fade after only a few blocks of stop signs, or even a single hard stop. So it can't seem to go OR stop !!!

The lack of stout engineering extends to many areas. The wheel alignment can get tossed out with just one good size pothole, despite the relatively tall flexible walls of the little tiny 70-series doughnut tires it came with.

Of course, like any car you don't enjoy driving, and want to find any excuse to replace, it will probably NEVER die.

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Review Date: 23rd December, 1999

27th Jun 2001, 18:06

I'm sorry for you and your automatic but next time, standard is your choice.

More power and for a 1.6 liter with a k@n filter + exhaust, this car does 0-60mph in low 8seconds.

If you look up any other car, you won't get this for the same price.

30th Jul 2001, 21:43

You seem to be one of the VERY few people who are not happy with this car. My sister has one with 126,000 miles and no problems except a slight fender bender and one punctured radiator hose because of that accident. Other than that absolutely no problems.

1992 Nissan Sentra SE from North America


Seat belt doesn't retract properly. I've had this fixed but have the same problem with new seat belt. Air conditioning needed to be recharged once. Otherwise, just routine replacement of worn out parts.

General Comments:

I have been very pleased with this vehicle.

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Review Date: 10th November, 1998

19th May 2001, 17:21

Interesting both of my seatbelts don't retract properly either in my 92 SE. And my air conditioner is also fading at about 77,000 miles.

23rd Jan 2005, 08:33

I also own a 92 sentra! The drivers side seatbelt failed.

I attempted to repair this myself. After getting the assembly out of the car I called the dealer for parts. They told me they can't sell parts for it, but they can repair it. Liability reason I suppose. I was going to sell the car and wanted the car in top shape. I was told buy the dealer to bring it to them. I was getting braced for a big bill, plus a 200 mile trip to the nearest dealer. I was told it would be covered by warranty.. Warranty?? The car has 146,000 miles on it and is a 1992. I took it to the dealer, The complete assembly was repaired and was told that if the other side goes bad bring it in for repair as it is covered also.. No Charge! What a deal! Great little car...