8th Apr 2008, 00:48

I have a 2001 Sentra SE 5spd. I have 60,000 miles on it and not too much has gone wrong. I've just changed the oil and put gas in it. After 6 1/2 years the horn and alarm stopped working. The parking brake light stays on too. Runs great, though. I would really like my horn to work. I hope it's not too expensive to fix. Anyone have any luck with that?

20th Apr 2008, 18:53

While my horn does work, I've had bigger fish to fry. My headgasket blew b/c a dealership did not put coolant back into my car after doing a coolant flush. I had to get my rad/rotors fixed too and just recently, my engine cut out at a stop light. I was able to jump my car and it worked for one day but it would keep cutting out and I can start again. I didn't take it out for a couple of days and now it won't start even with jump. Does anybody have this problem or know what is wrong? I've spent $3000 on this lemon and I don't think I want to spend anymore. I would never ever buy a nissan ever again.

12th Sep 2008, 18:48

I own a Nissan Sentra 2001, purchased used in 2005. Everything worked except for the light in the CD player. It's annoying because I can't see the time or station in the dark but figured I'd get that fixed eventually.

However since then one by one things keep going out; first the air conditioning, then the security alarm, the light in the gear shifter, the key-less lock and now the horn.

I don't know much about cars but it seems to be something electrical. It's very frustrating.

14th Oct 2008, 12:53

I have had my 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8L since February of 2001 and I am a satisfied customer. I currently have 140K miles and have regular oil changes to keep it running well.

My dashboard controls have been coming on and off for the last several years, and I have had it checked out, but it doesn't seem to affect anything.

I have had the clutch replaced, the lower control arm replaced, several sets of new tires, and the dipstick also broke off inside my car, but I was able to get my repair cost back from Nissan on this.

I've had the platinum spark plugs replaced, I believe I've had all the recall work done (but there may still be another recall to be done).

Right now, I need a new bearing in the front and also a new ball joint in the front on the other side, but that is my fault. Overall, I am a happy repeat customer of Nissan Sentras.

3rd Nov 2008, 13:29

My 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE has had brake and rotor problems that cause the car to shake when braking, and, of course, the horn doesn't work. Has anyone gotten their horn working yet?

12th Dec 2008, 06:41

ANGRY!!! I own a 2000 Sentra GXE and it has cost me sooo much money in repairs. It breaks down all the time! I bought the car in 2004...

Replaced catalytic converter

Replaced EGR valve

Drive belt

Timing belt

New battery

New coolant hose... still leaks

CD player does not work

Automatic locks went out

Replaced fuel filter

Check engine light has been on and off since I bought the car (the dealership says it's just the light, rigs it then gives it back twice... still not fixed)

Bumped another car at 10 miles per hour and my airbags deployed (dealership told me there was a recall for this model, but would charge me full price anyway)

Dip stick broke 2 days ago (apparently this happens a lot too)

It is now going to the shop for what we think is a cracked head gasket and engine problems. It's also about time for new tires, but that's pretty normal

... all over a 4 year period and 60,000 miles (I bought it at 30,000). I will say however that it is pretty good on gas, comfortable and easy to drive, but simply not worth it!!!


Trading in my p.o.s. car.

4th Mar 2009, 14:44

I own a 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE (purchased new) with about 77,000 miles and have replaced the horn, had a broken dipstick which cost $100 to remove, replaced the mass air flow sensor, catalytic converter (was still covered under warranty), something with the fuel tank, something with the oil light, 4 tires, battery, engine light is still on after numerous shop visits, temperature gauge moves very close to the high end but hasn't overheated yet. I was told it could be the thermostat. One Nissan dealer told me I needed to replace the timing chain which ended up being false.

I had front brakes replaced twice and now the back brakes need to be fixed.

The driver side of my window washer fluid doesn't work.

The light in the radio doesn't work and was told to replace the radio.

The car runs like it is always in high idle and the engine never slow down. My gas mileage is probably half of where it should be.

I have taken my car to the Nissan dealership where the "experts" work but I have just given up. I am tired of putting money into this car. I don't mind paying for something that may need to be repaired but I am angry that I keep paying for things that never solve the problem. The engine light problem is one that can't seem to be diagnosed.

11th Apr 2009, 21:36

I bought a used 2001 Nissan Sentra about a year ago, it had about 130km. Was a good little car for about 2 weeks, then my headaches begin. It seems like every other freaking month something new breaks down. I have repaired brakes, all four tires, alternator, catalytic converter, dipstick, and to top it off, my shocks are bad, and it has a horrible oil leak. The check engine does not stay off longer that 2 weeks. I hate this car, worst one I ever owned. Buying this car was the worst mistake of my life.

6th May 2009, 20:14

01 Sentra check engine light is on. Replaced catalytic converter, mass air sensor, O2 sensor, 4 of them, horn does not work, water pump, radiator and thermostat have been replaced. Now possible head gasket, but I have 250.000 thousand miles on it. I guess after all, with high miles I have to expect things to happen.

20th May 2009, 21:16

I bought my 2001 Nissan Sentra new in 2002, and honestly, it has been a great car up til now. It has NEVER had major repair work, just regular maintenance (oil, brakes, tires, spark plugs, etc.) and the occasional minor repair (power window motor, recalls). Now at 170k, it has begun its painful electrical death.

First the CD player light went out, then the CD player stopped working, then the shifter light went out. Next the dash lights started blinking, yes, blinking. The brake, oil, battery, engine lights, all blink on occasion. This problem is much worse when it's hot (no problems over the winter), but now that it's warming up, my dash gauges have gone nuts. As in the needles start shaking and then they slowly sink to 0. No gas, no rpms, no mph, all while I'm actually going 60mph on the highway.

Not sure what to do about it. I'm not offended, every other car I've owned/known of requires a lot more work to keep it going, my Nissan made it 170k before needing major repairs, I'm just not sure it's worth it as this point. Especially considering there are 10 different things that could be causing it.