10th Dec 2010, 22:49

If your 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8, is hard to start in the mornings when it's cold, it's your throttle body that needs cleaning, and also your idle air control valve.

Also, I bought a new battery with 600 cold cranking amps, that solved my problem. I hope this will help anyone with this problem.

29th Jan 2011, 17:39

Hi, I just bought a Nissan Sentra GXE 2001, and the same problem of the other comments occurs, the horn light is ON, but I was reading the comments, and can somebody can publish the solution? PLEASE, thank you.

1st Apr 2011, 22:51

I have 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE 1.8, that I had trouble starting in the mornings, so I replaced the throttle body chamber for about $350.00; that fixed the problem.

I hope this helps you with your problem.

1st Jan 2012, 22:47

I have three Fords and a Nissan, and I have had more problems with the Nissan. My daily driver is a 99 F-150 with 190000 miles that I bought brand new, and it's never broke down on me.

2nd Jan 2012, 12:20

A bit of advice from a mechanic: Once you have cleaned your entire fuel system (or as a preventative if you are not experiencing any problems), run a can of good quality fuel system cleaner through the system once a month and you will avoid future problems. I do this with all my personal vehicles, and have gone as far as 325,000 miles with absolutely no further fuel system issues beyond replacing fuel filters at the recommended intervals.

26th Feb 2012, 20:20

Just bought an 02 Sentra SE-R.

All in all, it seems to be a pretty good little car with plenty of power.

The thing has 214k miles, horn doesn't work, tracked the problem down to shotty 18 or 20 ga wire thin stuff; at one point or another, it has gotten pinched and broke the insulation just before entering the main harness, corroded, and here you are, no horn. To fix it, you can just run another wire from the horn to the horn relay, located in the relay box passenger side of car, next to the power steering reservoir. Hope this helps.

This car also has no radio light. Easiest fix for that would be getting a Kenwood or JVC CD player.

21st Sep 2012, 11:03

I own a 2001 Nissan Sentra GXE. Purchased it with 8 miles on it. Currently mileage is 180K. So far I've replaced/fixed:

EGR valve - done at 58K.

Catalytic converter done at 58K.

O2 sensor done at 58K.

New computer done at 58K.

Passenger window done at 150K.

Dipstick replaced 2x 6 - done at 80K & 150K - both from dealer.

Alternator - done at 140K.

Engine light - stay on for a while, then will stay out for a while (been that way for about 2 years or more now).

I'm now in the process of trying to fix a leak at the head gasket.

Saving up to buy something new; it won't be a Nissan.

26th Jan 2013, 18:03

Wife has a 2001 Sentra GXE 1.8. Replaced fuel pump and plugs last year. The car stalls at any stoplight or sign, but will start right up. It will sit at idle all day until you put it in gear, then it just dies. I just changed the idle air control valve this morning, and it still does the same thing. I found a blog on how to reset the valve, but it did not work. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

2nd Dec 2013, 22:28

Have a Nissan Sentra 2000 automatic. The horn toots off constantly. Anyone with a similar problem? What's the fix?

4th Dec 2013, 17:52

You may have pressed down on it too hard, and now it's a bit sticky and gives false readings that tell it to honk. You can probably unstick it by hitting it a few times. Hope this helps.

5th Dec 2013, 15:07

Sadly, Nissan has gone the way of all the Japanese brands. Poor materials and very shoddy quality control. Domestic vehicles are much better built and far more reliable. GM and Ford are now the top-selling brands in the U.S., and that is how it should be. We should care enough about our country to keep our car buying dollars here.