23rd Mar 2010, 20:35

I am an owner of a '02 Nissan Sentra Se-R with approximately 105k miles on it. She has been running great up until the past few months, 8 years of good life. Currently she is sitting in my apartment parking lot and refuses to start. I'm having a lot of problems with my Sentra sputtering out and dying. It seems like a lot of the comments refer to this issue.

10th Jun 2010, 10:12

Owned a 2002 Spec-V since new, had some fit/trim issues in the beginning (no leaks, though) that were repaired at the dealer.

At about 80K miles, the engine shut-off / poor idle problem began (as it apparently has for quite a few on this site).

Dealership replaced the alternator & battery for several hundred $$, which seemed to make it work... for about a week.

Took it to a second dealership where I knew a tech, and he claims that there is a known fuel pump sensor issue that Nissan knows about, but hasn't deemed it recall-worthy.

The problem is, he claims, that they have to drop the tank to replace it, and that no tests will verify that it's the issue. I'm hesitant to spend the $$ for a "maybe-fix" Hoping to find a definitive answer to the problem first.

Since this is my wife's daily driver for 45+min trips to work and home, the engine failing on the highway is quite scary.

I am a Nissan addict, I've owned a 89 240SX, 95 hardbody truck, and currently drive 2005 Titan, none of which have ever given me any issues like this recent turn of events.

The Spec-V is an incredibly fun car to drive, and until now ran great. I really hope to get the issue fixed right and keep the car for several years.

19th Jan 2011, 12:27

I have owned my 02 Spec-V for about 7 months now and I bought it for $3,500. I replaced the clutch and flywheel about a month ago, which seems reasonable to me due to the fact that I'm new to driving a clutch and it already had 130,000 miles on it when I bought it from the original owner who was also new to driving a clutch when he first bought it.

I also had to replace my spark plugs because something bent one of them shut. Suspected a piston or carbon build up. This was no big deal considering spark plugs are incredibly easy to replace and fairly cheap as far as cars go.

Currently my odometer is not working and it takes a long while to start up, but usually starts up on the second shot. Luckily my engine light came on and the code read as a crankshaft position sensor failure. I replaced the crank sensor no problem and it's still not working. Today my neighbor is supposed to check the wiring as something may have come loose when my clutch was being replaced.

Personally I love my Sentra and I'd have to say as old as it is such problems are reasonable. The previous owner rarely had trouble with it, aside from the recalls. I have researched and found his statement to be true. The car hasn't cost me too much at this point, but perhaps one day I will come to hate it as much as the lot of you here and come back to write spiteful things about Nissan. :)

For now, I still love my Sentra.

11th May 2011, 22:04

I bought my 2002 Spec V brand new, and I even purchased the extended warranty.

While driving, I heard a loud pop, and my car sounded worse than a jet liner.

Took it into the dealership because it was still under warranty, only to be told that I blew the O2 sensor out of the exhaust manifold/cat converter (all one part on this car), and that was not covered on the extended warranty (which = $$$$). I paid to have it replaced, and then 2 years later, after 3 months of being in the shop because the engine light was on and my mechanic could not figure out why (after I paid to have all kinds of questionable repairs), Nissan tells me it's my cat, and I need a whole new engine now because my cat is bad and it's burning oil. Total cost $7000, told them to forget it, a case of oil is cheaper!! It's my run around car, so it's just for fun.

I will tell you though VW has the best warranty ever. Hit a pot hole and popped the center VW symbol out of my rim, they ordered me a new one, free. It was my fault, but it didn't matter. Great cars and great service. I was a loyal Nissan owner too until the whole cat incident. Now I'm a loyal VW owner!!!

12th May 2011, 08:46

You bring up an important point how sometimes extended warranties are not worth the paper they are printed on. You are sometimes better off keeping the warranty money ($800-2000) and doing your own maintenance. Also dealerships are under tremendous to make money. Their bills are through the roof and if a dealership is not selling a lot of vehicles then they turn to service and parts and people that have lemons or problem cars unfortunately are collateral damage to their problems.

27th Jul 2011, 16:52

I have purchased a 2002 Sentra SeR Spec-

V several months ago, and I too have the same problem. I can be on the highway doing 80, and the car's throttle shuts down, and doesn't let you give gas or accelerate. Almost cost me my life when you are all the way on the left lane, and car is in neutral and you are trying to pull over on a shoulder. What can cause this to happen?

24th Nov 2011, 02:10

I have a 2002 Nissan Sentra SER Spec V. I was curious with a full tank of gas using 91, how much total miles do you get with a fill? I think my car is giving really low miles on normal driving.

11th Sep 2012, 12:50

Seems like the problem may just be your throttle position sensor. Had the same problem; I was driving on the freeway, and all of a sudden your car will just die on you. But in about 10 minutes, you will be able to start your vehicle back up. Pretty easy to replace. It's on the right side, near the camshaft.

30th Sep 2012, 09:53

Spark plug tip bending and closing happens because screws come loose in the intake. Big problem, because this may damage cylinder walls. May also damage the first cat, which may then be sucked back into the cylinders. Do some searches via the Internet, but it can be a serious problem.