10th Apr 2011, 15:40

I just bought a 93 Sentra XE for $300 with 365,000+ miles on it. The engine is strong, but tranny feels like it's got 1/2 a million miles on it, so it needs to be driven softly till I get the funds to rebuild the tranny. The door hinges are sagging, but after 18 years this is expected.

I am going to be installing a higher amp. alternator so that I don't have to deal with the car stalling out, due to my stereo drawing too much power (had that problem with a few of my cars; high powered stereos tend to have that affect on sub-compact cars).

My last Sentra was an SE with 186k on the dash. It had tranny issues, but I was the 5th or 6th owner of it, and I neutral dropped this automatic, which caused other problems. I drove it in the city for 6 weeks, and put 4500 miles on it. I sold it for $800, and it lasted the person I sold it to for 2 weeks, when it got crumpled by a box Chevy and a Durango.

It has the same engine my 87 Pulsar XE had, but this one is way better cared for. My Pulsar was the product of a negligent owner. Its external head seal went, and the dude kept driving it without repair till it stopped. When I got it, the block was shattered, but it ran as long as I idled it at around 4000 rpm and switched the spark plugs every 3rd time it stalled. I owned this one for 17 months, and was looking for an engine upgrade for it. I had an overly powerful stereo in it, which was nice.

My high hopes for this Sentra are back and forth to work; hoping for 6 months out of it before the automagic tranny shows its age.