1990 Nissan Skyline GTS-4 (R32) 2.0L, 6 cylinder, turbo from Australia and New Zealand


Awesome. Enough said. :D


While I've owned it? Absolutely nothing. :)

When Dad had it, it:

- Blew a head gasket (or something similar).

- Blew a couple of (rubber) pipes.

- Entire engine bay got 'painted' orange one day when the radiator cap came off.

And a couple of other really minor things. :)

General Comments:

Well. Thanks to Gran Turismo 2, I got my love of Nissan Skylines. Eventually Dad bought one, and as soon as I got a ride in it & drove it, I instantly fell in love!

At this point in time:

- It is the fastest car I've ever driven.

- It is the best handling car I've ever driven (four wheel steering and four wheel drive help a lot in cornering - never understeers!).

- It is the most powerful car I've ever driven (215hp or so - not much, but it is plenty for me!).

- And it is the best sounding, most comfortable, best looking, has the best engine bay and interior of any car I've ever driven!

Unlike most Skyline owners, I don't plan on modifying the car at all (don't have the 'heart' to do it). I'm restoring the car to the way it was when it left the production line over 15 years ago.

I hardly ever thrash/floor it (only if I'm trying to get out of a parking space/intersection or similar quickly, or if I pass a car - which it does incredibly easily!) and I think that is why nothing has gone wrong in the (close to) year I've owned it. :)

I'm absolutely addicted to Skylines now, am a member of two New Zealand Skyline Clubs (skylinesdownunder.co.nz/, southernskylines.com) and am already saving for a second Skyline (R32 GTS-25 - then will start saving for the GT-R!).

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Review Date: 1st September, 2005

15th Apr 2014, 14:42

Good for you restoring it to factory spec. It will be worth far more than any modified wreck, of which there are many with their awful wheels.

1990 Nissan Skyline Executive 3.0 NA Six (RB30E) from Australia and New Zealand


Brilliant for a big six!


-The high pressure line leading to the power steering pump blew soon after I bought it, but this was relatively easy to fix. Furthermore, no harm came to the pump even after running without fluid.

-Dampers are near dead, but then again, they're the original items.

-Gearbox stripped the overdrive (4th) gear at 270,000km

(Replaced with a reconditioned box for 700 including labour)

General Comments:

For a car that was already 14 years old when I bought it, it's an absolute gem. Quite reliable, although a bit heavy on fuel (the autos were always dismal for MPG!)

It performs quite well, weighing in at around 1,400kg. It can outdo commodores from the same era (I make this comparison because the VL commodore used the same motor). However, if you're after real Skyline performance, go for the R32!

The Australian version of the R31 was always a family saloon-- it performs well and handles brilliantly for its class, but it's thirsty!. Interior and boot space in general is good, but Falcons and Commodores are better in that aspect. The rear bench seat is designed for three, but fits two in practice.

As I've got the base model, I can't really complain about the interior. The executive was *supposed* to be bland. Personally, for the price nowadays, you can't go wrong with the Silhouette version.

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Review Date: 22nd May, 2005

1990 Nissan Skyline GX 3.0 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


A very reliable vehicle with power to satisfy most


Needed new shock absorbers (were buggered when I got them anyway)

New tires.

Back brakes (disc's and pads)

General Comments:

This is an amazing car that is an absolute pleasure to drive.

When purchased it had extractors, sports exhaust, CD player. Cost $4200 (i live in Tasmania so cars are more expensive)

I have since added remote immobilizer, remote central locking, tinted windows, sheepskin seat covers, power-chip.

I would recommend this car to anyone who wants a reliable car with a bit of power. Sure it doesn't beat new Commodores or Falcons, but it has enough power (mine is putting out about 135Kw and 275Nm of torque)

Can be a little bit fuel thirsty (13L/100km) but that's what you get for having a bit more power.

Overall a great car.

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Review Date: 27th June, 2004