1st Sep 2007, 19:29

Nice review, thanks. A lot of reviews nowadays seem to be talking points, nice to see a well thought out one!!

4th Sep 2007, 11:34

I drive a champagne colored 1988 Nissan Stanza Wagon and it is not ugly at all - I have the best views with the design of spacious windows, comfortable in and out seat hight. The kids love the slighting doors. Yes, it is old, we are the first owners, it rattles and shakes, but it is reliable and lovable and holds more stuff in its shape then anyone would have ever imagined. My last daughter was born in it and hopefully she will be able to drive it one day. Viva Stanza Wagon!!!

19th Sep 2007, 05:07

Stanza Wagon... my most wonderful car just died.

Am bereft.

It is a most wonderful car. This was my third, had been garaged, 5 speed, great engine. Great visibility. Great for hauling endless things from hardware and lumber stores. Was getting close to 30 MPG.

I absolutely love this car, and wish they were available. Can't imagine what to drive now. Sure wish I had another.

Glad you are enjoying this wonderful car!! Anyone know of another, I'd love to know, though we are in the Hudson Valley... would probably travel for one.

Best wishes for many miles... and smiles while driving.

30th Sep 2007, 12:06

I now own a 2007 Nissan Versa. It is faster than my 1988 Nissan Stanza, but doesn't hold as much cargo. I am in the process of bringing my Stanza back up to "everyday use" (belts, rear seal, valve cover gasket) because I want to minimize the miles on the Versa and I am a independent courier and average about 150 miles a day. The Stanza is easier to park even though it is longer. It can hold 20 boxes of computer paper easily since the rear seats fold up against the front seats and the floor is flat. The Versa is faster and handles better. I had the Stanza engine and transmission rebuilt a couple of years ago so she still runs well. I purchased the Stanza in 1988 and she will not die and my wife won't let me get rid of it because we need a reliable backup vehicle. I covered any areas that started to rust (hatchback, upper rear wheel wells) with POR-15 about 5 years ago and there has been no further rust. Overall I believe that the Stanza has been one of the best vehicles that I have every owned. I wish that Nissan had kept making them; I would have purchased another.

11th Oct 2007, 04:49

Hi! I've read a lot of good comments about this wagon. I'm planning to buy a 1986 Nissan Stanza. This will be my first car if ever. I just wanna know if it is economical in terms of fuel consumption? and how reliable is this vehicle?..

You can also send your response to my email at spongebob_0615@yahoo.com...

Thanks and happy driving!

1st Jan 2008, 00:52

My kids think mine is the ugliest car on the planet. They make me drop them off a block away from school so none of their friends see them in it! I love it. I call it the world's first SUV!

It is hard to find parts for sometimes so I bought another just as a parts car. It must have been expensive to build with the dual coils, 8 spark plugs and sliding doors. My injectors are giving me trouble, but over all it's a great car.

Tony B, San Diego.

4th Jan 2008, 22:04

Best car on the planet period. 310,000 miles and still going strong! Not many car owners can say that.

Ours gets referred to as "The Milk Carton" or "Johnny Cab". It looks like a tipped over milk carton with wheels put on. And Johnny Cab comes from the movie Total Recall where their underground taxis resemble this car.

My wife broke up with a guy over 15 years ago and was supposed to buy this car from him, so I don't know what he originally paid for it used. Anyway, he signed the title over to her and she thought about making payments to him for about 2 seconds. She never paid him a dime and the rest is history.

Which brings me to this: The best car on the planet is even better when its free! The rich idiot ex-boyfriend bought in CA, moved to MT where they split up. She moved to OR, then UT, then OH and finally back to UT driving this car the entire time. That was 1999, we were married in 2001.

In 2002 the ECM (computer) went out. Got one off e-bay for $11 with shipping. 2 years ago the manual transmission went out; we had a used one installed for $1060 out the door including a new clutch! Sad that Nissan only made these for 3 years. This car was years ahead of it's time with 2 rear sliding doors that eventually came out in minivans in the mid 90's.

To this day, this workhorse is our daily commuter on our 70 mile round trip to work and back. A/C still blows ice cold in summer and heater can't be turned up past 3 in winter or you roast. Comfortable seats too and I'm 6'2". Great cargo room for trips to home depot or the nursery. And recently I had a tow hitch installed so I can tow my dirt bikes to my favorite nearby trails.

I wish they still made cars to last this long. Sadly its starting to succumb to rust after 22 years mostly due to salting winter roads in Utah. And it has 2 leak; rear main oil seal on engine and power steering fluid. Nothing I can't live with and nothing worth fixing at this point. I wish I had a spare for when this one finally retires... in 10 more years! Would buy another one today.

6th Jun 2008, 00:54

I just bought a 2WD with 180000 miles and a five speed. It is almost the weirdest car I've ever seen and I hope it works well. That shouldn't be a problem, judging by all the comments on this page.

26th Apr 2010, 22:38

I can't believe that, first of all, there are two separate comments to this car, and second of all, that someone was speaking ill if it.

Me and my Mole have been on many a hairy ride in the mountains and in the desert. One trip produced two flat tires 40 miles from Barstow, Ca. Yes the A/C freezes you out as you're going 75mph on the freeway, and yes the 4wd gets you through almost everything (if it didn't work, it was definitely my fault). I've had so much weight in it coming up the mountain from Home Depot that the front tires weren't responsive enough (Only did that once).

If you do happen to find one from a little old lady or the thrifty parent who milked it too long, BUY IT!!! It got my family through some difficult times without so much as 2 hiccups. Its very economical, dependable, sporty, responsive, and sexy. Maybe not that sexy, but it's fun.

I'm saying all this as I'm trying to find out why my 4wd quit working and not having any luck. The Mole is not practical for me anymore if the 4wd doesn't work. Maybe I'm saying all this because it's been part of the family for 9 years, as our children were in grade school and this is my silent eulogy.

I never did find any struts for the rear, and it never complained. Who knows, maybe I'll be posting again in a while if I figure out the problem. Long live the Mole!!!