7th Oct 2010, 15:20

I might have the answer as to why there are such diverse comments on the site:

I seem to remember that the Stanza Wagon in 1986 had an engine recall. I had a second-hand '86 and began having problems with it around 1998. I found out it had never been refitted. It rapidly deteriorated from that point onward. Although I had many problems with that car towards the end, I have to say that the volume, the placement of the seats and controls, and the windows/sight-lines were all perfect for my needs. It was not mushy or shaky like some of the newer compact wagons. It was comfortable for passengers, too, unlike many of the newer compacts. While it wasn't exactly a tight performer at very high speeds, it wasn't exactly any VW van, either!

I recently had a friend tell me she was very unhappy with the sight-lines and passenger space in her new Scion. I showed pictures of the Nissan Wagon, and she said it was exactly what she had been looking for, but was unable to find.

30th May 2011, 12:41

My friend has 1988 Nissan Stanza wagon. He is looking for an original distributor. He purchased one and it is not the same. He told me that Nissan dealer said his car parts are from Canada. If anyone has any idea where to purchase original parts, please email me.

(Gary) ladytcb1@msn.com.

Thank you.

28th Nov 2012, 19:56

There is absolutely no other car out there to surpass the 'box for any use... My 88 will be I figure the last car I will ever need (I am 77), and why should I... it is versatile, comfortable, sexy, and just plain COOL.

Also, after having had several others, I've wound up with a spare motor, two trannies, head lights, tail lights etc. You get the picture.

Murphy's law, the parts you need are not the ones you have... I should be covered... and whoever gets the beasty after I am through with it is going to need a truck to haul off the supply...

24th Dec 2013, 22:37

Extra parts, eh?

My 87 Stanza Wagon (153k miles and mine since 2000) could use a used front head light; as well as the inner part (brown area) of the left rear light. I only drive it about 3,000 miles per year. Took the back seat out -- for room to load

thrift shop items, etc.


nature-humanity@ att dot net

5th Jun 2014, 08:40

Do you still have parts available for the '88 Stanza Wagon? I could use them.

3rd Oct 2014, 07:28

Did it really die? Maybe you didn't go far enough to revive it, or somebody else wanted it for the parts and told you it was dead... they don't die!