1989 Nissan Sunny ZX Coupe 1.8 from UK and Ireland


Great fun!


Nothing went wrong, but the car did have a annoying rattle that could not be tracked down.

General Comments:

Off the mark this car was seriously quick, and I'm sure the factory were conservative with their performance marks.

Great gear change, and an almost motorcycle rev-range mad this car quick up to 100-110 mph.

Styling was done by a kid with a ruler; not really, but it did look dated.

Cabin was... er... well 99% plastic!

Rear leg room? LOL!

I would have one again, in fact if you have one, contact me, I want it! NO JOKE!


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Review Date: 23rd September, 2007

1989 Nissan Sunny LS PULSAR 1.4 from UK and Ireland


A competent, reliable, long term buddy


Nothing... This car has no known common faults except perhaps the electric windows seizing.

General Comments:

This is a truly remarkable car. This is our 4th Sunny in this variant. We favour the 1.4 because of the lively and much more reliable timing chain engine. The inside has a character of its own and is competent rather than splendid. Comfort and a slick gearchange add to the pleasure and the heater is terrific on 3rd and 4th speed. Incidently performance is good... I get 80 in third and the engine remains 'controlled'. there is hardly a need for 5th as 4th takes you to 85 plus.

If you find a good example buy it, but check for body corrosion on the back arches and seams. Another Achilles heel appears to be the rear suspension mounts. A clean bill of health here helps in the MOT.

Our last Sunny expired at 165000 miles with bodywork weaknesses. Engines and transmission last well into the 150000 mile range with a scattering of good service.

My car took some sourcing and £500 later is mine. A non smoker, 2 owner car with good history for its 40000 miles. My Partner and I own 6 Japanese cars, 3 of which are early models of Honda Civic, Mitsubishi Carisma and the ever green MX5 before FORD got hold of MAZDA. I cannot imagine ever breaking down in any of these cars... pure over engineering genius that I believe the European manufacturers struggle to match.

Drive carefully and consider others!!!

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Review Date: 12th December, 2006

14th Jan 2007, 05:10

Back again just to comment a tad further. Had the car fully inspected (no charge) and it seems that it has much more underbody protection than the usual factory blast over. One C.V. boot had been replaced prior to my purchase. This extra sealant makes it quite easy to understand why this 18 year old cutie still looks pretty good in her middle age.

All of the operational bits have continued to work fastidiously, and the engine really is hardly audible on tick over. Gearbox is reassuringly so sweet and precise that ALL manufacturers should sit up and take lessons and notes.

After the 1st week of ownership, the clock started to work and has popped up to say good day, here's the time, when the ignition key gives it the nod. Perhaps it hibernates for winter!

My concerns around the electric windows are misplaced here, as they are all whisper quiet with no grating or scraping whatsoever.

Friends and colleagues think that I am potty for buying up this type of early Japanese stock. I often respond by offering a simple challenge... Where can you buy such a high quality product for so little cash. As I read earlier on another carsurvey.org review, many motorists are now catching on to this secret and ridding themselves of cat converters, management systems, feeble plastics and flimsy build quality, not to mention overpricing, in favour of sourcing better made earlier JAPANESE stuff, which Euro manufacturers and their designers, in my experienced view, still can't hope to match today.

Remember... Follow the road less travelled.