1989 Nissan Sunny ZX 1.8 16v TWIN CAM from UK and Ireland


I am keeping it


Bought the car for one hundred pounds with no mot or tax. There were no brake pads some rust and in need of a service spent two hundred and eighty pounds to put it through the mot.

General Comments:

Well it's a head turner & rubber burner, it's fully loaded not corroded. There is certainly no turning back on ZX.

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Review Date: 6th May, 2002

1989 Nissan Sunny ZX 1.8 twin cam from UK and Ireland


Great to drive and look at, but buy in haste and you'll regret it


This car has required the following work:

Bodywork renovation.

New plugs.

New coil tower.

New water pump.

Co2 Setup.

Timing adjustment.

Power steering pulley adjustment.

General Comments:

The 1.8 Twin Cam engine inside these cars requires the attention of a specialist mechanic, you shouldn't mess with it yourself. If it's good you won't need to.

The engine doesn't have a coil and spark plug leads. It has a wiring loom and four independant coil towers directly on top of the spark plugs. These coil towers start to fail after about 90,00 0miles but on the bright side when one goes it is progressive and the car won't grind to a standstill. They cost £75 each.

If your buying one check the following areas:

Put your finger inside the rear wheel arches against the sill below the door and check that the body hasn't corroded below the big lump of mud you'll pull out.

Check the base of the pillars against the sill for rust and go to a tyre dealer who will lift the car so you can check the rear underbody for corrosion around the suspension.

Check the tailgate of a rust spot at its centre near the locking catch hoop (if it isn't rusting you've found a really good one).

Check the PVC at the outer edge of the drivers seat because it splits indicating heavy wear.

Driver it for at least 15 miles and finish on a fast road and listen for noises resembling pinging above 6,000 rpm.

Finally take a mechanic who will do a compression test. At 80,000 miles, 170-185 means it's most likely good, 200 plus means it's probably burning oil.

These cars shouldn't use any oil or water at all.

Only use synthetic oil.

Good ones are fantastic, but if you don't want something to fall in love with, you just want a car, don't buy one.

They handle well, at high revs they're aggressive and at low revs they're respectable work horses.

Great looking future classics. £1200 is the right price for a good one at 80,000 miles.

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Review Date: 14th January, 2002

14th Jan 2002, 16:54

Well you seem very informative, I'll be sure to take some of this into account.

Are the dates of ownership correct?

1989 Nissan Sunny ZX 1.8 16v from UK and Ireland


Fun - fast - don't underestimate


Hand-brake has never worked properly despite two new rear calipers (£100 each).

At present I have a juddering at low revs.

General Comments:

The car is VERY fast, it still surprises me, and the engine has a really nice sound. Or as my brother would say its really 'vocal' and that's with a normal exhaust.

In general it's a fun, fast, rare car.

I seems to me like the Nissan designers had fun at the design stage as it has hardly any similarities with the 'normal' Sunny it's based on.

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Review Date: 10th June, 2001

8th May 2002, 03:42

Well since filling out this post (the one this is attatched to) I sorted out the judering at low revs. It was one of the coils bought one for £20 from a local breakers. Goes like the wind again...

1989 Nissan Sunny GS 1.6 12 valve from UK and Ireland


Quick, reliable and not as boring as you may think!


The fuel pump started leaking oil around the gasket.

The gearbox is starting to get noisy, but it drives fine.

General Comments:

For a 1.6, it goes like a rocket! I can leave behind those sad boy racers in their XR3i's and Vauxhall Novas!

It is a brilliant car. It's smooth, the steering is light, and it is reliable. It is the best car I've had. I would never buy a Ford or a Vauxhall again. I love Japanese cars.

It is 12 years old, and it is in mint condition. It has power steering, electric windows all round, sun roof and remote boot release. You don't get that on a middle of the range Escort do you?...

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Review Date: 14th May, 2001