2nd Nov 2005, 15:08

Same problem with my 1999 terrano II TDi - the MAF packed in at 120000Ks. Nissan wanted excess of $1200 to supply part. Sourced one and self installed for less than $600. Appears to be a problem with this vehicle. Learnt that Nissan prices are exorbitant. Learnt that the MAF does not like oil impregnated Air Cleaner filters. Other wise apart from a spongy clutch (Air in line?) this has proved to be a great and economical vehicle.

17th Sep 2007, 14:51

Just read the comment about cleaning the air flow meter and am pleased to say it works. Would recommend anyone to try first before buying a new one.

Thank you for the information; it's good to have my Nissan back to full power.

7th Jan 2008, 21:00

Thankyou - Cotton bud and Meths - cheaper than $600!!! no more power loss.

12th Feb 2008, 17:53

13 Feb 2008, 0930.

We have a 1998 Terrano II 2.7 TDI. we love it, plenty of room in the 7 seat set up, tows with ease and it has been very reliable and with better fuel economy than my wife's RAV4.

But it seems the MAF is now playing up at 110,000 km. The engine light would come on and at the same time it would experience loss of top end power. This would then seem to right itself for awhile, after two more times I started to do some investigating. It has now done it again and stayed that way and won't go over 80kph. I have read with interest the last three reviews (one as late as 7 Jan 08) which stated cleaning the MAF with metho and cotton buds! Is this something a novice like me could perform? I am mechanically minded, but I don't have a manual and cannot identify the MAF. Any advice would be appreciated as I love my Terrano II and miss driving it.Thanks.

13th Feb 2008, 23:10

Townsville, 1998 Terrano II 2.7tdi Loss of power big time. After reading previous comments I removed Air filter (dry type) pretty clean. I then removed the MAF device to inspect, looks good (looks almost new) however I note it has only one resistor/sensor the other side looks like it should have one as well (but nothing).

I removed the air intake pipe to see if it had come off it might have been further down the pipe, no luck. surely it coulndn't have passed through the small intake fan.

I read today on this site that there are two resistors/sensors on the MAS if this is so, where could mine have gone?

I have since found replacements through the UK on e-bay for 39 pounds, local Nissan dealer quoted $350.00. If someone could confirm if it should have one or two resistors/sensors I would most appreciate it before I part with the cash. Thanks.

4th Jan 2018, 18:20

It's really interesting what parts price policy is Nissan practicing in some countries. In Europe you can buy Bosch MAF for a 2.7 TDI Terrano for like $100 US and from other less reputable suppliers as cheap as $30 US. It's a part, for which I heard, some of Nissan owners were quoted by a Nissan dealer like 10-20 times more than it's worth.