20th Apr 2006, 21:36

I too own a Terrano Diesel. Can you tell me what made you know to replace the air flow meter. Did you loose power or was it diagnosed by Nissan.

My Terrano seems to not have as much power as it did have. It seems like a diesel without a turbo. So far the filters: air, oil and fuel are all near new. So you can see, that I am pointing towards this air flow meter. The kms are only 35,000

16th May 2006, 03:57

The MAF will cause poor acceleration, poor power and a much slower top speed, my maxed about 70MPH (120Kh) whereas I used be able to do its “limited” 95MPH (152Kh).

I knew from reading this and other reviews that mine was gone, some seem to go suddenly, but I was complaining to Nissan main dealer 12 months ago and IMO my car came back even worse.

Eventually I asked my own mechanic to check and he confirmed, yes, it is now driving without a turbo.

19th May 2006, 11:06

I am in Yorkshire. I recently bought a 1998 Terrano SE 2.4 petrol/manual. Been on a couple of long runs (170 miles)

Seems OK at present, but I am a low mileage user.

Great fun and in good general condition. 87K.

No real problems yet as vehicle has had full service history and only two owners who have looked after it. Doubt very much if I will ever uses it offroad. Good for tinkering with and a nice change from my BMW Touring. Will be taking it to Isle of Arran for my annual holiday in August. I find it is fairly economical on long runs at speeds of 60 or just below.

10th Jun 2006, 12:31

I've owned my diesel Terrano for two years. Suddenly the car shut down on the road. Have anyone else had this problem.

The car will not start, I've changed all filters,air, fuel, still will not start. My mileage in the two years is only 16k.


30th Oct 2006, 15:19

Nissan terrano 2, 3 litre turbo diesel 2002.

Intermittent cut-in of turbo, especially under heavy throttle producing dead spots on acceleration just when I need it for overtaking!

Very disappointing when I chose a Nissan for reliability. Advised by turbo specialist to replace Flow meter before allowing Dealership to spend my money going through the parts bin.

Tony, Birmingham UK.

30th Mar 2010, 00:14

I bought my Terrano 2 in Brisbane in 2002 when I returned from working in Papua New Guinea. I have been really happy with my Terrano 2.

Got a 2" lift and better heavy duty shocks through Pedders Suspension as ARB and TJM did not want to know me when I told them I had a Terrano.

Yes I too got caught with the air flow meter when the vehicle was just out of warranty. It had no power, but when my mechanic finally found the problem, something Nissan could not, I got it replaced for $800 Australian.

Tell you what, it is a very capable 4x4. Even without a front diff locker, it can go just about anywhere. I have got a good set of A/T's on it which helps, Yokohama Geolandars, good tyres. I recently got a custom snorkel fitted by stainless customs in Townsville. I feel better having a snorkel living in North Queensland, especially during the wet season.

My Terrano has been very reliable, thank god, as parts are expensive when something goes wrong. Go Nissan!!!

28th Jun 2010, 07:28

I am from Jordan. I have Terrano II 2.4.

I do not have any problem with the car. It seems to be a good car.

I only have one big complaint; no spare parts in Jordan for this car, and if I need any, I have to look for a junkyard.