13th Jan 2013, 11:46

I'm the original posting of this review. Your calculation that the trip computer is 28% is disconcerting to me. I'm going to calculate the economy manually myself too, to see what my results are. I've heard of the economy gauges being off a little, but 28% is huge!

6th Feb 2013, 19:23

I am the guy who posted on Nov 22, 2012 on the OBD's MPG. Here are more after driving 2500 miles / 2.5 months.

(1) 250 miles / 7.018 gallons = 35.6 MPG; OBD = 45.3 MPG (27% off).

(2) 316.4 miles/ 8.622 gallons = 36.7 MPG; OBD = 41.8 MPG (14% off).

(3) 677.3 miles / 17.847 gallons (2 fills) = 37.9 MPG; OBD = 41.8 MPG (10% off).

(4) 336.6 miles / 8.86 gallons = 38.0 MPG; OBD = 42.3 MPG (11% off).

The first one was filled by the dealer. Maybe, just maybe, they tried to pinch pennies and did not completely fill. But the OBD shows consistently better MPG's.

The one I care most is quality. For GM cars in the past, I had to go back to dealers many times right after purchases. So far, I have not had any problems. The best initial quality!

My only dislike is a lack of defogger for the side windows. Otherwise, this is a great car for the price (especially after getting a supplier discount of $2,000).

7th Feb 2013, 14:35

I recently test drove the 2012 Versa while assisting a friend in buying a small economy car. I was very impressed with the new styling and found the interior to be very roomy for a car in this class. Yes, it is an inexpensive car, but I feel that for the price it is a good value. I am pleased to hear that it is delivering good mileage.

I have also found considerable variation between the computer indicated fuel mileage and actual mileage in my Ford Fusion. It frequently indicates 39-40 MPG on trips, but in reality is only getting about 34-36.

9th Feb 2013, 09:53

One thing I do not like is:

When it is cold (?), the engine starts with high RPM, and it takes a long time (distance) for it to go down. It sometimes takes only 5 miles, and as far as 15 miles. Especially on a highway, it might as well take 25 miles for the engine to calm down. During that time, MPG is pretty sacrificed. I do not know if this is due to the CVT or not.

24th May 2013, 21:04

I have the same experience with my Versa. Engine takes forever to warm up while driving, and insists on revving very high until it gets to full operating temp. I think this is normal CVT operation, but it's quite terrible.

13th Oct 2013, 07:21

After driving 12 months / 12,000 miles, I would say this is the best / most reliable car I have ever bought. The only faults I have seen are:

- The paint on the front grille peeled (might have been from day 1, easy fix).

- After filling gas, the fuel gauge goes only up to 1/2, which is fixed after IGN Off / On (this happened only twice so far). As long as this does not get worse, no biggie.

In a good week (no traffic jam), I can even get 45MPG (actual mileage, not on the OBD) for commuting on surface roads (I drive like I milk out of every drop out of gas though).

I wish Nissan would keep producing the Versa for when I need to buy another car in 15 years.

28th Jan 2014, 11:20

Fill-for-life transmission? I believe every car needs to have the transmission flushed and filled at intervals, Not that many people do it though. :-)

21st Jun 2014, 17:33

Many newer automatic transmission equipped cars never need the transmission fluid changed. In fact, there is no dipstick and no way to change the fluid. It's sealed shut. Hence "fill-for-life". CVTs are not this case though. They require the fluid be changed every 30k-60k miles, depending on driving conditions.