24th Jul 2014, 02:44

Agree totally with the comments on wet road traction and steering - if I lend the car to anyone, I now warn them about the terrifying understeer if cornering in the wet, as people have brought it back white-faced and speechless. And this is with brand new tyres. Plus it is a bit unusual to look at.

But in all other respects - excellent efficiency & reliability, adequate comfort for the price & size, cost to maintain - it's as good as the Toyotas I've owned, but as a 4 year old secondhand car cost quite a bit less to buy than a comparable Toyota with similar mileage. The Wingroad includes great features such as rear seats that are adjustable forwards/backwards with independently adjustable back tilt, and good boot space. My first Nissan, and I'll definitely look at another one after this.

11th Aug 2014, 11:29

I own a 2009 Wingroad 15M Authentic. You need to be mature to own this vehicle. It's not a sports model. It's designed for carrying goods. I'm not interested in speed or trying to impress anyone. Which suits me just fine.

24th Mar 2015, 14:15

I bought my Nissan Wingroad 15M Authentic in July 2014. It came with 29,000km on the clock, so hardly used. I agree that it is a mature vehicle. Not for boy racers. Then again, I am 50 years old.

13th Jun 2017, 03:47

I have a 2009 15S (1.5 4AT Japanese import). I have to agree with most of the comments. No problems with wheel spin as it's quite gutless with 4AT and 1.5. My sister's NZ spec 1.8CVT is way better in the power department. Handling and steering is a bit heart stopping sometimes on the 15S on twisty roads. I think it's because of the 14 inch wheels and soft suspension. This same combo makes it quite comfortable on freeways at relaxed speeds. The NZ version has 15 inch wheels (less sidewall) and high spec Japanse imports have 16. Go for those. The CVT seems to be better, especially for hills. The 4AT hunts between gears a bit on hills; on the flat it's OK.

Other than that, it is very versatile with heaps of rear leg room etc and way better value than other brands.

21st Apr 2018, 14:41

I own a Wingroad ex Japan, 2010 model. Like other users here, I did not require super performance, no, a versatile workhorse. And I think I got it in the Wingroad. Great efficiency on fuel, ample legroom at the back (my kids love it), and a generous boot space. All these for a modest amount of money compared to other brands.