2006 Nissan X-Trail dci Columbia 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Buy the 2.5 petrol version and avoid turbo issues!


Had a Nissan X-trail 2.0 Sport from new in 2003, and in 4 years and 50000 miles not one problem. Traded this in for a 2006 2.2 dci Columbia in October 2007.

While at first, the performance was fantastic, this started to vary on some journeys, to the point of wondering if the turbo was faulty. It's intermittent and does not last long but annoying.

Then my front brake jammed-on and got so hot I thought it would burst into flames. To Nissan's credit, both front brakes were replaced free and they blamed grit in the caliper.

Then yesterday, the brakes failed completely with the pedal sinking straight to the floor. This resolved itself in a minute or so, but not before a few hairy moments!

It's in the with Nissan today, but they just scratched their heads as I had not been over-working the brakes prior to the incident. I know they will ring and say it all looks fine and can't find a problem. It does not leave me feeling too confident though!

General Comments:

A great family car, but brake problems and turbo issues seem to be common on later models.

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Review Date: 15th August, 2008

26th Oct 2010, 08:19

All X Trails seem to have front brake problems due to grit getting stuck in the caliper. After fitting one new (under warranty) and 2 reconditioned (out of warranty) Nissan calipers in the first 30k miles, I decided to find another solution when the last caliper installed jammed 3k miles after it was fitted. A set of reconditioned Mitsubishi calipers were fitted in lieu of the Nissan calipers. They were installed without any modifications and there have been no further problems for the last 20k miles.

25th Jul 2015, 21:35

What is the model of the Mitsu calipers?

2006 Nissan X-Trail ST-S 2.4 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Great car, would recommend buy second hand, not new, and monitor service costs


Minor issues, squeaks and rattles, rough idle when drive engaged while stopped.

General Comments:

This car is very good, however dealer service is expensive. For example, over $500 for a 40,000K service. And the service is every 10,000k.

Also the dealers seems unable to repair the rattling sunroof or squeaking rear suspension (1 dealer moved on).

The fuel economy is very good at 10 liters per 100km average. Does not seem to matter whether city of highway driving, 600 km on a 60 liter tank is always achievable.

There is an issue where the idling is rough if left in Drive when stopped at lights.

I think Nissan make a great car for the money, very high tech and very reliable, but they just don't have a suitable service support infrastructure, here in Brisbane Australia anyway.

For this reason I will not be purchasing another Nissan.

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Review Date: 20th July, 2008

2006 Nissan X-Trail turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Poor relation of Patrol, and apparently serious fault with turbo


Having serviced the car regularly, with only 28,000 miles use, The TURBO BLEW. I note from this site that other owners have the same experience - is this a common problem?

General Comments:

The towing experience with this car is a little disappointing. The car does not respond well in reverse, unlike the Patrol and Terrano it seems/feels laboured in its performance. I have towed the same trailor and horse in all three models and feel the x trail lacks lustre.

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Review Date: 20th April, 2008

12th Oct 2010, 05:37

I have a 2.5 2004 automatic X-Trail and am very pleased with it.

But I'd point out on the comparison made with the Patrol and Terrano on the towing issue, that these are more powerful cars than the X-Trail, and possibly the two tonnes towing capacity quoted by Nissan for the X-Trail is a bit optimistic.

Has anyone towed that weight regularly with this car?

2006 Nissan X-Trail XE AWD 2.5L from North America


I trust it


Nothing has gone wrong.

General Comments:

The usual comments (difficult to adjust mirrors, center console is weird, but you get used to it fast). I don't have much experience with other cars and I'm not a car fan, but I can say that everything is tight with this vehicle. I should have got the sunroof, otherwise awesome.

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Review Date: 23rd August, 2007

21st Oct 2010, 20:34

Submitted a comment a while back, bought my X-Trail new in Feb 07; still looks, sounds, and drives like the day I bought it. Thought my experience might be helpful to others.

4th Apr 2014, 10:25

It would be fantastic if people would state their milage, # of km or whatever when they do a review.