16th Aug 2008, 17:31

In my view, the diesel mania that has swept Europe in the past decade is a mistake. Your experience with the Nissan diesel X trail can be mirrored by many others and with most other marques. Diesels today are over complex and over fragile, despite boasting better fuel economy (initially),undeniably superior pulling power, they are much more costly to service over 5 years, more questionable in consistent performance and far less reliable than their petrol cousins. My advice to you is to pack this car in, its faults are inherent. A friend of mine has a petrol X Trail, it is not very fast but is comfortable, pleasant and after 150k kilometres (abt 100k miles) has just had routine services, NO mechanical faults at all.

1st Dec 2008, 16:08

Thank you for your comments, I did not consider this point of view, and frankly it makes sense.

I still have the car as I cannot afford to change it, but swapping for an older tried vehicle now looks like a good option, as it has now developed another problem. It will not go above 3500 revs, it flattens out with no more power, discovered this whilst overtaking... very scary...so another trip to the dealer I am afraid, and it is now out of warranty.

This car is 3 years 5 months old and traveled 53,000 miles. below is a list of things that have gone wrong in this time, so please read and digest, before considering a diesel x trail. These faults are quite common, I have met several x trail owners that have had the same problems, to a greater or lesser degree. This is not including the owners I met at the dealership putting their x trails in for one of the problems below.

On its 4th Turbo

2nd Inter-cooler

3rd Fuel boost sensor

And I forgot to mention there is a strong smell of burning from the clutch when reversing.

8th Jan 2010, 16:37

Still own this car; being on a pension restricts my buying power.

It now has 68,000 on the clock and the catalogue of faults continue.

Battery drains after standing for two days. I did not find out I had this problem till I went on holiday and was stranded in the middle of the night at the airport. Replaced battery as I thought it was faulty, but then it did it again. I will now have to organise an auto electrician to fix it...

I also have a knocking noise from the front nearside, so a trip to the local garage will be required after I have fixed the electrical problem. This fault is probably due to normal wear and tear, which would be acceptable, but considering this cars track record, it just adds to the misery of making the mistake of buying a NISSAN.

This car has never gone more than six months trouble free, you would have to go back to the 1940's to find this sort of unreliability.