2005 Nissan X-Trail SVE 2.2 DCi turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Absolute rubbish


Replacement intercooler in the 1st year.

Turbo boost sensors replaced in the 1st year.

Replacement alarm modules in the 2nd year.

Plastic on sat nav screen crazed in the 2nd year.

Fuel filters freeze up in cold weather due to the area of fitment in the engine bay.

Front wheel bearings wear prematurely.

Engine threw a piston under light load driving at 75k; total write off. The vehicle was sent for scrap as Nissan UK wanted nothing to do with it.

General Comments:

Comfortable to drive, reasonably thought out vehicle with lots of cubby holes to tuck stuff away in.

Non towing vehicle, but put to good use shipping equipment in the spacious boot area.

Unfortunately let down by the poor quality of Nissan build, culminating in a complete engine failure at low speed (35mph) and outrageous prices for replacement engine units (£6k).

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Review Date: 19th April, 2013

5th Nov 2013, 11:17

Sorry to see the list of problems you had with your X-Trail. Mine is 2004 and I have had it since late 2005, and never had a problem since 2006 when it scrubbed off the front tyres. This must have been due to mishandling by the previous owner, as I got the wheels aligned and still have the 2007 replacement tyres. My car has done great service with a lot of towing and many drivers; it feels as good as new and cruises at 140k regularly.

I am recently getting a smell of diesel inside, and have a small coolant leak, but I will fix these and motor on happily.

14th Mar 2014, 15:16

Smell of diesel inside on these models is usually due to the fuel filter housing metal becoming porous and leaking fuel. As the filter body is sited next to the air intake for the heating system, you will smell the diesel as it leaks. When the leak gets too bad, you will get air locks in the fuel system and trouble starting.

2005 Nissan X-Trail SE 2.5L from North America


Good looking and reliable family vehicle


Little plastic rivet that holds the rubber seal on the rear door fell out (dealer replaced).

Driver's side front window made a squealing sound when going up or down (dealer fixed).

Front brake rotors warped after being machined by the dealer (bought high quality rotors and replaced them myself).

General Comments:

Very versatile SUV with a strong engine and a very smooth shifting transmission. The AWD system is awesome.

Lots of storage and cargo space. We go camping with 2 kids, a dog, and pull a utility trailer behind it with comfort.

We have had it 5 years, and it has been generally problem free.

The plastics in the interior mark very easily. I would recommend the leather interior if you have children.

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Review Date: 6th March, 2011

2005 Nissan X-Trail from North America


Reliable and fun to drive



General Comments:

I have owned 4 vehicles in my life (a 1989 Toyota Corolla, a 2000 Honda Accord, a 1998 RAV and the 2005 Trail) - the X-Trail trumps them all!

It gets great gas mileage, and handles the challenging Canadian road conditions with ease. I work out in the country, and have some pretty muddy or snowy roads to contend with.

My only small complaint is that the seats are a little stiff. I'm used to it now, but for long trips, I've had a passenger complaint or two.

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Review Date: 6th January, 2011

2005 Nissan X-Trail Ti-L 2.5 petrol from Australia and New Zealand


Practical, reliable, good for a soft roader, get the manual not the auto


Slight oil leak in transfer case (not worth fixing yet).

Buckled wheel (nothing to do with Nissan, it was the previous owner...)

General Comments:

For a car that is five years old, it has aged very well.

It is very comfortable, with decent features for the price.

In my opinion, the auto transmission lets it down - it is harsh, slow to respond, and is no good for anyone who drives like they are in a hurry, and stomps on the accelerator from time to time - if I was buying again, I would most certainly get a manual.

It burns a little more fuel than I would have hoped - probably about 14-15 litres/100kms, but then again I drive with purpose...

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Review Date: 1st October, 2010