2005 Nissan X-Trail SVE 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


Love my X-Trail, but concerned about future turbo reliability


Turbo has failed at 22500 miles.

Inter-cooler leaks oil.

General Comments:

Love the comfort and driving position.

The only vehicle I have owned that will negotiate my sloping driveway in the snow.

Concerned that the turbo and inter-cooler failures seem to be a well reported common fault. What happens after the warranty period has expired?

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Review Date: 14th November, 2006

1st Dec 2006, 15:34

I have exactly the same issue with my X-Trail. After 16,500 miles the turbo developed a whistle. Replaced.

Another 16K miles and the replacement develops the same fault. This is replaced.

I have terrible burning smell which the dealer has failed to prevent. Suspect this is the same intercooler leak - so will try getting a different dealer to look at this.

Apart from that love the car.

2005 Nissan X-Trail dCi SVE 2.2 turbo diesel from UK and Ireland


It is not supported by a caring manufacturer


Between the date of purchase of the car as new in May 2005 and 20th October 2006 I had not experienced any mechanical problems with the car.

On the 20th October whilst away on holiday the clutch failed whilst towing my caravan. I was brought home to my local dealer on a low loader.

The diagnosis was confirmed as a burnt out clutch.

A warranty claim was submitted to Nissan who after consideration rejected the claim, but agreed to make a good will payment of 50% of the repair costs.

This was their only and final offer.

General Comments:

Nissan warranty does not do what it professes to do!

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Review Date: 7th November, 2006

22nd Feb 2007, 00:06

I am wondering what the rated towing limit for your Xtrail is and how much does your caravan weigh? Did you tow that caravan with your Vauxhall? From my perspective, and I’m trying to be objective, if no one else has had the clutch problem and the dealer can see your trailer hitch on the back of your vehicle, they would think “abused” clutch. I don’t mean to point fingers, but I’m trying to make the point that Nissan, by paying for half, was, I thought, reasonable considering. They are accepting half of the responsibly, are you sure you are no way responsible too? Anyways, if you look at many of the complains on the Car Survey, most car manufactures, if there is any indication or suspicion of abuse, give zero. You got 50% and if you have no evidence or proof to show otherwise, well consider yourself lucky.

2005 Nissan X-Trail SE 2.5 from North America


Best car I purchased


Absolutely nothing.

General Comments:

Very cheap on gas.

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Review Date: 15th May, 2006

15th May 2006, 20:52

Very descriptive.

2005 Nissan X-Trail SE 2.5 from North America


I can't enjoy the car due to the excessive vibrations


Excessive vibrations inside cabin when stopped in traffic. This makes driving in the city painfull. Car is placed in neutral when stopped.

Squeaks and rattles galore from the dashboard.

General Comments:

Great car, except for the excessive vibrations and the squeaks and rattles.

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Review Date: 16th March, 2006

23rd May 2006, 17:46

I have new X-trail I found cabin vibration. Most of the time when I was waiting for signal. I think Nissan must investigate this problem. otherwise car is doing fine.

10th Aug 2006, 13:11

I am very sorry to hear that you are having this problem. My 2005 X-Trail is so calm when it idles that I sometimes wonder if it is running. I hope your Nissan dealership can resolve this for you.

30th Aug 2006, 14:51

Hmmm, rattle and vibrations?? I cannot agree on that, my X-Trail is so quiet that sometimes I wonder if it is already on or not. My wife has already tried several times to start it again while idle only to be woken up by the sudden scream noise the car made :o)

This car is great as is, if you have rattle or vibration issues see your dealer and get it fixed. It can get fixed, I'm driving the example.

11th Dec 2006, 12:30

Rattles, noise and poor gas mileage??? Well, I cannot complain at all! There is no noise in the cabin whatsoever. When idle you need to look at the instruments to see if the car is on or not!

My first trip (right from the Nissan dealer lot) was about 3800 miles in one chunk with no problems at all. I also squeezed +350 miles out of it before refilling. Perhaps this normal for a 4 cylinder engine and I'm not yet used to it - my 4Runner (2000 Limited) makes only about 220 miles per full tank.

I really enjoy this vehicle and would buy another one anytime - too bad that this one belongs to my wife.

Nissan - keep up the good work (You even make me as a true Toyota fan doubt sometimes...nah, just kidding, love my 4Runner)

6th Feb 2008, 02:36

Mine is a Taiwanese made 2.5L gas 4WD, and as other user noted, inside cabin at idle speed is very quiet, and I also have to look at RPM meter to make sure that car is running or not.

15th Jul 2012, 16:50

Bad idle happens only on R or D, not on P or N, to all X-Trails.